SERVICE DOGS and ENERGY, by Bob Taylor


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At Dog Wish we believe in a natural flow of cosmic energy that pervades the universe, connects us all, teaches, and heals us, as we use it.
The privilege and ability to reach out and connect with the energy in another living being, like a trained Psychiatric Service Dog, has become a phenomenal experience that many claim is literally transforming and saving their lives.
Our new understanding and usage of “energy” is changing our world because of the contrast it brings us between what is real and living and what is artificial and simulated. Learning to connect, to become sensitive to the feelings and energy of your body, to the energy in the bodies of others, in other animals, and then in the world, is something we all need.
Many Psychologists and Therapists are telling their clients to check out a Psychiatric Service Dog for their disability problems because of the natural, real, therapeutic benefits they will bring into their lives. There is a growing fascination with dogs in our society as many people are drawn to them because it seems that they are our closest link to our own natural past.
I myself grew up wanting to be like Tarzan, which I guess I did. I was fascinated by his TARZANability to communicate, understand, and live with the great beasts of the Jungle. “Tarzan’s philosophy embraces an extreme form of “return to nature”. Although he is able to pass within society as a civilized individual, he prefers to “strip off the thin veneer of civilization”, as Burroughs often puts it. His preferred abode is a convenient tree branch which happens to be nearby when he desires to sleep, and his favored food is raw meat, killed by himself; …Jane Goodall, who describes the Tarzan series as having a major influence on her childhood…that when she first began to live among and study the chimpanzees she was fulfilling her childhood dream of living among the great apes just as Tarzan did.” I fulfilled my dream by becoming the National Gymnastics Champion, and training a dog for the producer of Tarzan movies, from Johnny Weissmuller, to the present day.
The most POWERFUL force in this world comes from connecting yourself with the pure energy in the universe around us!
We live next door to a Buddhist Temple, occupied by a world leader in that religion. Not only do they, and busloads of other Buddhists, come to meditate and pray; many come over to watch and meditate as we train and interact with our dogs. They believe we practice the essence of “Zen”. They feel the healing and therapeutic energies we use to train our dogs. I chose the location we use for our dog training on a random basis, by looking at pictures on Zillo web sites. I saw a picture of this house, and immediately had my wife call, tell the broker we were on the way with our application, the money they wanted, and a 50-page portfolio on our business. They were overwhelmed. By the time they got there we had already walked the property and were drafting plans to turn it into what it has become. Two days after we moved in the Buddhists came to us with a DARMA 2beautiful statue of a Buddha that looked just like me. They presented this $3,000.00-dollar statue to me, and told me I was a Buddha, incarnated from Buddha Darma, the first Shalne Priest to China. That began a five-year relationship we have shared, which has been a blessing. Through our training we have shared many truths with them, that have enhanced their understanding of Buddhism. The MASTER, comes for dog training with the dogs I have given him regularly, and continues to learn about the essence of what he so strongly believes.
Our dog training is amazingly set up much like the model that was used by Buddha Darma in 700 AD. A short biography of Darma was written by Robert David Mancini and is appropriate for inclusion herein:
Dharma Daishi, Great Teacher of Buddhism and the Martial Arts
By Robert David Mancini, 9th Dan Shotokan style
“Dharma Daishi (Bodhidharma in Sanskrit and Daruma Daishi in Japanese) was an enlightened Hindu from India who is credited with re-teaching and reviving Hindu philosophy in China, which was originally spread to China by another Indian Hindu, Siddhartha, or Buddha. This second teacher thus founded the martial arts. Buddhism is simply the worshipping of this enigmatic Hindu figure, called the Buddha, which means “great and focused mind” in Sanskrit.

Dharma Daishi began his life in southern India in the Sardilli family in 482 A.D. In the darma 1midst of his education and training to continue in his father’s footsteps as king, he encountered the Buddha’s original teachings. He immediately saw the truth in Lord Buddha’s words and decided to give up his inheritance and esteemed position as a prince to study with the famous Hindu teacher Prajnatara. Dharma Daishi rapidly progressed in his Hindu studies, and in time Prajnatara sent Dharma Daishi to China in order to better teach the indigenous Chinese peoples the lessons and rigorous discipline required to achieve the perfect Hindu meditative states. Unfortunately, the Chinese people could not grasp the abstract concepts relating to this meditation and so Dharma Daishi taught them incredibly rigorous physical lessons in order to teach them the necessary discipline required for the true Hindu meditative journey to Moksha, or release from earthly bondage, otherwise known as Nirvana. The physical exertions were used to train the body, and then hopefully, the mind would also become harder and more disciplined after these regimented actions. Dharma Daishi arrived in China after a brutal trek over Tibet’s Himalayan mountains, surviving both the extreme elements and treacherous bandits.

Upon arrival in China, the Emperor Wu Ti, a devout Buddhist himself, requested an audience with Dharma. During their initial meeting, Wu Ti asked Dharma what merit he had achieved for all of his good deeds. Dharma informed him that he had accrued none whatsoever. Dharma was subsequently unable to convince Wu Ti of the value of the teachings he had brought from India. Dharma then set out for Loyang, crossed the Tse River, and climbed Bear’s Ear Mountain in the Sung Mountain range where a Shaolin temple was located. He meditated there in a small cave for nine years.

Dharma, in true Maha or “great” spirit, was moved to pity when he saw the terrible physical condition of the monks of the Shaolin temple, who were failing in their attempts to find perfect meditation taught by Buddha thousands of years prior. It seemed to him that they were unable to fully grasp the enormous mental and abstract discipline necessary to achieve Nirvana, or the ultimate release destination derived from meditation. The monks had practiced long-term meditation retreats, which made them spiritually stronger but physically weak and unable to finish their meditative journeys. He also noted that this meditation method caused sleepiness among the monks. Therefore Dharma informed the monks that he would teach their bodies and subsequently their minds the Buddha’s dharma “duty” through a two-part program of meditation accompanied by excruciatingly difficult physical training.

Dharma created an exercise program for the monks which involved physical techniques darma 3that were efficient, strengthened the body, and eventually, could be used practically in self-defense. When Dharma instituted these practices, his primary concern was to make the monks physically strong enough to withstand both their isolated lifestyle and the deceptively demanding training that meditation requires. It turned out that the techniques served a dual purpose as a very efficient fighting system, which evolved into a martial arts style given the Chinese name, Kung Fu. Martial arts training helped the monks to defend themselves against invading warlords and bandits. Dharma taught that martial arts should be used for self-defense, and never to needlessly hurt or injure. In fact, it is one of the oldest Shaolin axioms that “one who engages in combat has already lost the battle.”

Dharma, a member of the Indian Kshatriya warrior class and a master of staff fighting, developed a system of 18 dynamic tension exercises. These movements found their way into print in 550 A.D. as the Yi Gin Ching, or Changing Muscle/Tendon Classic. We know this system today as the Lohan (Priest-Scholar) 18 Hand Movements, the basis of Chinese Temple Boxing and the Shaolin Arts.

Dharma settled in the Shaolin temple of Songshan in Hunan province in 526 A.D. The first Shaolin temple of Songshan was built in 377 A.D. for “The First Buddha,” by the order of Emperor Wei on the Shao Shik Peak of Sonn Mountain in Teng Fon Hsien in the Hunan province. The temple was for only religious training and meditation. Martial arts training did not begin until the arrival of Dharma in 526 A.D. Dharma died in 539 A.D. at the Shaolin temple at the age of 57.
Dharma was an extraordinary being who remains an example and an inspiration to practitioners today. He is the source of many miraculous stories of dedication to the Way. One such story was that he became frustrated once while meditating because he had fallen asleep. He was so upset that he cut off his eyelids to prevent this interruption in meditation from ever happening again. Yet another legend states that he meditated for so long that his arms and legs eventually fell off. This is a reminder of the true dedication and devotion necessary in meditation practice. The Bodhidharma doll was developed as a symbol of this dedication. In Japan and other parts of the world, when someone has a task they wish to complete, they purchase a red Bodhidharma doll that comes without pupils painted on the eyes. At the outset of the task one pupil is colored in, and upon completion, the other pupil is painted. The dolls and the evolution of martial arts and meditation, are a continuous reminder of Dharma’s impact on Buddhism and martial arts.”
We also have found that it takes a combination of powerful physical and mental conditioning to produce an effective Psychiatric Service Dog.  Therefore, our Academy is designed, somewhat like the Los Angeles Police Academy.  A major thrust in our training is the development of energy awareness and focus in each dog we train. Because of the genetic imprint in our dogs from their primordial ancestors, as we imprint this training in the dogs their capabilities to expand on the training we present to them is phenomenal. Detection, alerting, and responding to the energies around them is not just natural, it is phenomenal. Whereas most dogs use their nose to detect and understand the world around them, our dogs use their brains to detect and respond to the energies they feel in each person, environment, and world/universe consciousness around them, and instantly detect changes and shifts in energy.

Unfortunately, too many people are becoming absorbed in the artificial world around them, and their abilities and natural functionality are becoming a thing of the “past”. They exist in a world packed with energies, live in that world, but are unaware of it, and end up being victim to it:
• They are insensitive to these energies and therefore don’t understand the affects these energies have on them.
• All they understand is how they feel, without understanding why, or how they got there.
• Because of their own ignorance many people attract, use, and are victimized by forms of energy that exist in the psych-centric environment around them.
• Instead of realizing that a particular energy is bad for them, they continue to use that energy and experience one negative or abusive effect after another.
• They also don’t realize that this specific energy has a traumatic effect on the hypothalamus in their brain, and that it triggers repetitive negativity for them as they allow it to influence them.
Many of our clients come here and expect that somehow we have implanted an artificial intelligence and ability within their dog that will multiply its’ capabilities to provide instant responsiveness to their numerous disabilities, and their decreasing abilities.
• When you talk to them about the natural flow of energy in each of us and in the world around us, they freak out, believing that you are speaking about something weird and supernatural.
• At the same time, many lack the understanding of how the brain naturally develops, transfers, and creates new understanding and abilities. When their dog starts to ‘pick-up’ on their routines and egocentric traits, they are amazed.
• When their dog uses and expands their behaviors, using the training it has received to understand and perform new, enhanced behaviors, using their own brains to connect, understand, and respond naturally, they don’t understand it

As a young dog trainer, competing on an international, “super” level, in dog sports, I bob-herosbecame interested in the relationships between dogs and humans, a phenomenon that I have been fascinated by for forty years now. Man, who is being now treated, and who has begun to feel like a piece of technology, is desperately looking for an experience that will help connect them with reality.
As I continued to research and study I realized that this phenomenon was made possible by the transference of energies we both held in common through the universal environment around and within us. I have since read everything I could find on the subject from the sciences of biology, psychics, and psychology.
• I strategized, designed, and created methods for teaching dogs to expand their sensory abilities from 2 to 10 times what they normally would be.
• I then created methods that taught dogs to stay focused on a single subject for several minutes at a time, instead of changing thoughts from one thing to the next, every couple of seconds.
• I then expanded the ability for the dogs to invert their sensory process, and use all their sensory abilities to understand what they perceived.
• This enabled the dogs to lose consciousness of their own life experience as they became involved in the conscious life experience of the person they were studying. The dogs actually would get “out” of themselves, and into their handlers, transferring their attention from themselves to other beings.
• The dogs learned to use their senses to focus on our energies using hand, and then simultaneous brain (thought) communications), and began to see amazing results.

This phenomenon is so common that as we pre-bond our dogs to their future clients through our scent-energy school of training, it is normal for our dogs to begin acting like their future handlers, often before they have ever physically met them.
Basically, I have learned how to focus, introvert, expand, and use the sensory processes in dogs, to greatly increase their sensitivity and ability to respond to the energies in their human handler/trainers. In doing this the dogs naturally begin to use their left brain processes, expanding usage of their own neural synapse cranial transference abilities. This does not raise the intelligence of the dogs, but does teach them how to use their intelligence in ways that we as humans can relate to, and connect with. What is really cool is that they are naturally right brained, so it is natural for them:
• to communicate right-brained with my clients,
• on their level,
• in their world,
• as they can understand and accept.

• We are ALL beings of energy, and as living beings our bodies are comprised sasha n duke 6with several energy portals.
• Through energy transference we can easily connect with each other. Becoming sensitive to the energy in and around us is a healing, wholesome, and therapeutic activity.
The smallest material particle in the Universe we have found, using 100,000 powered electron microscopes, is a tiny little microscopic, energy filled string; a string that we call a “Photon”. Photons transfer energy. We are made of photons
• Likewise, you are comprised of photons, configured according to your intentions. Your body was created by massing these little particles which were attracted to your energy and formed according to your will.
• Each photon is alive, living, responds intelligently to contact, receives, processes, and eliminates. Your physical body is basically masses and masses of photons, formed according to your genetic blueprints.
• Photons exist, live, and work through energy. So do you. By connecting with matrix bodies of positive energy in the cosmos around us, we train our dogs, using the positive energy that we are connected with, and projecting that energy into them.
We have found, examined, and harnessed the energy dogs use to create thought.
As contained in my book, DOG PSYCHOLOGY 101: The Thinking Dog, we have, through the advanced use of inductive logic processes been able to understand, separate, and examine the actual thought “process” used by dogs, and in so doing have been able to identify the process they use to “create” their own thoughts and behaviors. I have encapsulated this process into component parts, and have broken them down into individual experiences. Over a twenty-one day process these behaviors become a solidified physical part of the dog’s brain, and through process.
Basically, using what we call the “Intention” process, the core of the dog’s “thought process”, we can predict and focus a dog’s thoughts and behaviors as we need and desire. In doing so, we can actually attack mental/emotional problems that the dogs, and their handlers have endured throughout their lives, and provide resolutions for them not capable in other programs. We have for years witnessed “break-through” experiences with our dogs and their new handlers because of this.
Every dog is different, and responds to our training and conditioning in different ways. Instead of trying to force a dog to conform to our desires, we enter into their experience with them, and help each dog to use our training to its own best advantage, similar to the “Montessory” techniques now use in many schools. We have found that it is best to allow each dog to express their own personality, and to support them as they incorporate our training for their own personal development.
Our training and conditioning is encompasses a “team training“philosophy, used by many professional horse trainers. We do not employ dominance or force in our training. We also use a “pure” instruction philosophy that excludes punishment or negativity in our training. We believe in the dog’s ability and right to make, and to be responsible, for its’ own decisions. These training philosophies and procedures are only capable because of the “instruction” strategy we use, that creates, produces, and it based on working with the intelligence capabilities in each dog. Concepts like a “self-image”, mental “strategies”, and complex “decision-making” are only capable in our training because of the way we have “created” these abilities in our dogs through our conditioning.
As a result of the energy work we do with each dog, we have for years been able to actually pair dog/handler teams together, synchronize them mentally, emotionally, and physically, and team them to work as a unified team. Every team experiences the results of this training according to their own personal ability to incorporate our training.
Energy and Autism
A year ago, I had a young man diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome whose family Caleb & Duke101brought him to see me about getting a Service Dog. As many, many families do, they came to speak to me about the experience of getting one of my Service dogs, and to see what the dogs would be like. They had no idea what was going to happen, and didn’t expect for Caleb to respond as he was about to.
Caleb was a large, awkward, 15 year old, high schooler, quiet and rather introverted who sat behind the family, and very carefully looked around our facility. When addressed, he withdrew to a comfortable distance emotionally, and responded with a minimum response. I explained the process we use to match and place our dogs with client/recipient/handlers, and the family acknowledged that they understood. It was very cut and dry, comfortable, and non-stressed. All the time I was watching Caleb as he vegetated while we spoke, lost in a world between the world we lived in, and the world of his right-brained life experience. Though he was silent, he was saying so many things to me that it was hard to speak with the family. His needs, desires, frustrations, and hopes were screaming at me through the forms of energies that Caleb had attached himself to.
I finally decided to “introduce” the family to a dog. I had a large yellow lab in the back of my dog kennel who shared his kennel space with a couple young female dogs. I had trained him for a woman with Huntington’s disease, who then decided she didn’t want a dog, and, after one week, had given him back. She was much further along than her family had thought, and even though in training sessions she could handle and use Duke, once she was left by herself she became decapasitated. Duke came back, went through more training, and spent his time playing in the kennel.
Duke was an unusual dog, given to me by a professional breeder who wanted a more masculine male for his breeding program. Duke didn’t fit in with him because he just wasn’t the “dog” he wanted. Duke went through our training “untouched”. He did what we wanted him to do; performed as trained, and gave us what was needed to keep us pacified, so he wouldn’t get into trouble and need more instruction. But that was it. He went just so far in training, and then, if pushed, shut down, not capable of handling the stress of the situation. Often it seemed like he didn’t care. I felt sorry for him, but I couldn’t get close enough to him, to motivate him.
All of a sudden while speaking with the family, in my mind I made a connection. The energy I was feeling from Caleb, and the energy I felt from Duke seemed in many ways to be close to the same. I had my daughter bring Duke out, and work him for us. Duke came out and did his normal, clean and correct obedience, simple performance, here’s what you get for each command. He was nice to watch, and showed the family what they wanted to see. I brought Duke over, and sat him next to Caleb. Caleb looked at him, not knowing what to do. I gave him the leash and sat down. “Take him out,” I stated. Caleb did, he got up, and took Duke for a walk around the house property. Fifteen minutes later Caleb came back, sat down, and began to pet his dog.
The father told me they would go home, discuss the dog, and get back with me. They got up, all except Caleb, who just sat there, and said “no”. Everyone stopped, especially his dad. “Caleb”, he started, and the boy interrupted him, looked him in the eye, and replied, “This is my dog. I don’t know why, but I do know I am not leaving without knowing, that this is my dog, and I WILL be able to take him home. I don’t want to live without him.” It was the most powerful declaration of his life. Caleb had never made a statement like this before, ever. His parents looked at me like I had “put a spell” on him, and said, “Bob, What’s happening.”
It was an unusual moment in time for this young man, and his family. “Most of us walk around untouched, caught up in our own world, living in a consciousness we create, until all of a sudden we make a connection with another being. Somehow, the altered energy of this dog connected with Caleb’s, and the result can be spectacular! It is known as “bonding”, and is a psychological phenomenon where a dog and a person suddenly connect with each other on a mental/emotional level, and can feel each other. The connection of dynamic energy between Caleb and Duke was so special that it changed both their lives.
Caleb’s family DID follow through for him, and since that time Duke has affected the life of every person in the family in dynamic ways. The next week Caleb came back for training. I had set him up on a 4 week training program to learn how to handle Duke. Because of the energy they shared, their ability to communicate was so strong that it was like they could feel and understand what each other were thinking. This is a phenomenon that is experienced when the electromagnetic energy, which our brains produce, creating thoughts, is projected outwards into the electro/psycho/centric environment around us. I have found that many individuals affected with Developmental Disabilities, who use the right side of their brains more to function on a normal basis, have potential to make stronger and more usable connections with dogs, than those who don’t. In Caleb’s case, his ability to connect and communicate with Duke, using his right brain was very pronounced. Caleb and Duke actually used their brains at the same speed and electro-psychic rate of transference.

We spend a lot of time teaching our clients how to produce this phenomenon, and Caleb and Duke were naturals. The more they were together, the more they became identical. It was like the two became linked as one. The two worked so well together, I sent the dog home with him that day.
When he walked into the front door of his home his dad was watching television, stopped and looked up to see them coming into the house, and said, “Caleb, what’s going on?” Caleb looked him in the eyes and said, “Dad, the dark days are over.” Jeff says he’ll never forget it. All the pain from feeling like he had lived “alone”, untouched, not understood, lonely and hurting, in a mental/emotional space that no one else even comprehended, was now a past experience, because Duke DID know, feel, understand, and was able to respond, to whatever affected him.
Today Duke accompanies Caleb to school full time, and is his constant companion. Caleb MAX2NISA 2has experienced two traumatic life changes this past year, and without Duke his life would have been greatly influenced.
This past fall Caleb was voted “Student Body President” of his High School. He’s the most popular kid in school. He is on the Honor Roll, and headed for success. The energy that Duke enabled Caleb to find, produce, and use, changed his life.
Using Energy to Understand a Dementia Client
Recently, we had a delightful family drive out to see the Service Dog that Dog Wish has been training for them. I say Dog Wish because no single person ever trains any specific dog for any client. Instead, it is the combined efforts of several people training, handling, and using the dog that produces a good dog. If you use one handler to train a Service dog, and that dog gets use to that one handler, it is bad for the dog, and for the recipient.
In this case the client was suffering with frontal lobe dementia, and was much further along than I had been told. The dementia was affecting her in many ways that became obvious to me as we worked together. Therefore, I had to make many changes to accommodate my client, “on the spot”, which happens more than not.
The particular set of processes she was experiencing was critical, extremely emotional, and produced critical anxiety for her. The dog tuned into the recipient because of the training we put it through, and instantly understood and started working with her. Within a couple of hours they were working without a leash, or any help or instruction. By the end of the first day the dog was alerting to her panic attacks, and her anxieties, on a level that was higher and faster than anyone else. The dog was actually telling us when she started having problems, and she in turn related to, listened to, and responded to the dog, better than she did to us.
Although this is unusual, it is also very correct. Therefore, it quickly became obvious that the dog and her had become a team, and should not be separated for any significant period of time. While this is an optimum situation, and one you hope for, which can take weeks to produce, it is what we select, train, and place dogs hoping to achieve as the result of our work with every recipient. It is the energy that we have become sensitive to that makes all the difference.
However, in order to achieve these results it takes a mutual bonding between the DSCN1620handler, and the dog. Therefore, we insist that when coming to Dog Wish to pair with a Service Dog, the family and handler take time to learn, bond, and create the energy capable of producing a dynamic relationship that will become the catalyst, and produce these results.
• It is important that the client take time daily to work with, and use the energy they share with their dog. Expecting the dog to automatically and artificially perform and behave without the energy produced by that natural relationship is completely contrary to its’ intended use, and the very laws of nature.
The following is a true story
She recently had a brain hemorrhage, and was rushed to the hospital. She lay there BESS N FRIENDScomatose. After being admitted they monitored her heart and brain. When her dog came into the room they functioned normally. When her dog left the room her blood pressure soared, and her brain became hysterical.
If my computer died tonight, I would replace it as soon as possible. However, if my dog died I would be devastated. My dogs are alive, full of energy, and are dynamic and real. Through them, and the energy we share, they make my life meaningful, and worth living.
Bob Taylor, Master Dog Trainerbob-heros 760-662-3767



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The DOG WISH, Incorporated California Superior Court K9 & Service Dog Expert

cropped-dogwish-logo_edited-2.jpg              logolargewhtbck

On October 1st, 2000, Bob Taylor, the founder of Dog Wish, formally instituted training Psychiatric Service Dogs as his primary, full time occupation.

Seeing the social psycho trends in our present world, Bob decided that the greatest future challenge and concern would be to train dogs for those disabled with Neurological Disabilities. Eleven years later, on March 14th, 2011, the US Department of Justice changed the ADA Laws to recognize Psychiatric Service Dogs. Dog Wish has placed over 500 such dogs in homes, full time Schools, and with clients in Assisted Living facilities all over the Nation.

New ADA Laws and Regulations
According to the ADA, effective on 03/15/2011, New ADA Service Animal Regulations were issued that were specific for people that need Psychiatric Service Dogs. Those new regulations state:

“§ 36.104 Definitions. Service animal means any dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability, including a physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual, or other mental disability… providing non-violent protection or rescue work…and helping persons with psychiatric and neurological disabilities by preventing or interrupting impulsive or destructive behaviors.”

This is extremely import because people who need Psychiatric Assistance dogs sima n buddyneed a dog whose behaviors are:

• HYPER VIGILANT, who stay focused on the handler, no matter what!
• PASSIVELY PROTECTIVE, will act as a shield from stress, toxicity, and negative energies
Protecting their handler from themselves, their environment, and others that can harm them mentally, emotionally, and physically.
Dog Wish has placed hundreds of these dogs with handlers, without one single mistake or misbehavior.
• TRAINED TO “BE” THE DOG that naturally will respond without having to be commanded by their handler according to the scents, the energies, and the environment they detect.

These criterias are extremely important for ANY dog trained or titled as a Psychiatric Service Dog.bobnsheps

Because of the misuse of this term by many so call suppliers of these dogs Dog Wish has initiated a new organization, The American Association of Qualified Psychiatric Service Dog Trainers, that can act as a public protector, guaranteeing that anyone training one of critical Service Dogs is qualified and proven to be doing so correctly.

A properly trained Psychiatric Service DOG is a dog trained to empower, enhance, and equip their handler, mentally and emotionally, to function and perform on a level they would be incapable of achieving on their own.

• These dogs are not there for emotional support, but
• have been mentally modified,
• and conditioned with advanced training,
• to detect, understand, and
• respond to the mental and emotional needs of their handlers.

They perform “critical ‘tasks” that are necessary for the well being of their handlers. NOTE: This is not an artificial, trick trained, handler commanded performance, but a dynamic, self-motivated performance strategically designed to preserve the life and integrity of the handler(s) they serve. They are NOT companions, but real living partners who share and experience everything with and for their handler.

NOTE: As you can see from the picture on the right, a Psychiatric Service can be PETE MURPHY & HIS DEMENTIA DOGstronger, more intense, and more capable to perform in a hyper vigilant style than other Service Dogs. They protect their handler from themselves, their environment, and any negative energy, or toxic substance they detect.

1. Dog Wish looks for and uses dogs bred from strong, solid working dog backgrounds only to raise, train, and certify for this work.
2. Dog Wish also uses a Police K9 Style rather than a Guide Dog style to produce our Psychiatric Service Dogs.
3. Our dogs do not do superficial tasks like bringing telephones, pushing buttons, or retrieving articles.
4. Our Psychiatric Service Dogs are there to focus, concentrate, and perform critical, lifesaving tasks for their handlers, and every week now, at least one Dog Wish Psychiatric Service Dog saves the life of their handler.


Unlike other Service dogs, a Psychiatric Service Dog performs more intelligent tasks like:
• Detecting abnormal and unwanted neurological behavior in the brain of the handler
• Detecting abnormal and unwanted smells in the body of the handler
• Detecting and alerting to incorrect intentions in their handler
• Stopping their handler from actions that can cause them injury
• Alerting them to dangers and problems their actions may cause
• Detecting and Alerting to Seizures, Strokes, Brain Aneurisms, Diabetic Hypo activity,
Melt downs, Severe Anxiety and PTSD issues, etc.
• Detecting abnormal physiological behaviors in the bodies of their handlers
• Being Sensitive to behavioral changes in the body and brain of their handler that can cause anxiety, depression, aggression, and self injury.
I have found over the past 35 years that our handlers use their dogs as:

• A detector of neurological energies caused by abnormal brain-wave related behaviors.
• A counter-balance against unwanted neurological behaviors.
• A safe guard against unwanted behaviors, both voluntary and involuntary, in the handler.
• A shield against stress, caused inside the handler, in the environment around them, and by others, that could harm their handler.
• A doorway to connection, with the family, society, and the world around them.
• An enabling presence, giving them the ability to function as needed.
• A balancing presence, keeping them balanced by counter-balancing unwanted neurological and physiological problem causing behaviors.
• A comforting presence, by physically responding to the handler, keeping them safe, happy, and functional, in a world that they have to live in.
• A safe guarding presence, there to watch, detect, guard, and care for their handler in every situation, experience, environment, and condition.
NOTE: the Psychiatric SERVICE DOG should NOT be separated from their handler, contained, or restrained from being with their handler.

• Each of these functions can be considered a “task” that the dog performs for the client.
• Unlike a guide, or mobility dog, a psychiatric Service Dog’s tasks are designed around enhancing their handler’s ability to function better.
• The first task the dog has is to help their handler balance their mental/emotional behaviors. They are trained to help their handler:

1. To feel less stress
2. To be less frustrated
3. To communicate and respond better
4. To be more neurologically balanced
5. To have fewer emotional disruptions
6. To be able focus and concentrate better
7. To be more cognitive and rational

For someone with Seizures, Dementia, Traumatic Brain Injury, a Developmental Disability, Severe Anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, Seizure behaviors, Panic Attacks, Depression, Hyper Tension, Bi-Polar and personality disorders, and accompanying physical disorders and disabilities:

These dogs can be life transforming and lifesaving.


Unfortunately, the reason these laws were created was because of the need to protect our disabled community from the ignorant and prejudiced onslaught of problems caused for them by those aren’t disabled and don’t understand their need YOU to own or use Psychiatric Service dog. These people choose to mis-use their abilities to illegally restrict others with neurologically disabilities and disorders from using their trained Service Dogs to help them function on a better level.

Dog Wish has been involved in several successful law suits, retained to represent clients against School Districts that out of fear or just a reluctance to abide by the law have refused to allow clients their legal right to have their Service Dog with their child, in School. I was also struck by the way that they distorted and misstated those very laws and regulations. The law suits can be quite expensive and cost the School District a hefty fine, which has gone to the disabled client. We haven’t lost one yet. The new Federal and State laws are designed to help and protect those with Developmental Disabilities, Severe Anxiety, PTSD, Depression, Seizures, etc.

These comments and actions I have been made aware of are critically dangerous, injurious, and are made to undermine the very fabric of our civil rights. Further, the people who fall into these categories have suffered ridicule, pain, loneliness, and degradation from society, and have undergone tremendous measures to obtain and use a trained Psychiatric Service dog. For them to then be illegally challenged, threatened, and harassed, as they endeavor to rebuild their lives, to function as a normal human being, is despicable and unforgivable.

Their Service Dog is everything to them, their bridge with others, and their shield from the pain the feel as they endeavor to function be a part of society. Through their Service Dog they can connect and find acceptance and love, where before there was little or nothing. What happened in New Town Connecticut this year is a prime example of what this type of attitude produces in someone with a mental problem.

*In October of 2013 one such client who had been ridiculed, bullied, and assaulted, because of his Asperger’s Disabilities, after receiving and using his dog in school, THAT SAME PERSON was voted the ASB Student Body President for his High School. He went from being a social reject, to becoming one of the most popular kids in school.

Another client had a dog who detected her instability, and refused to allow her access to her shower. Finally, she had her husband hold the dog so that she could shower, and while taking a shower, fell and caused herself brain damage, and had to be hospitalized. While she was laying comatose in her bed, it was noted and documented that when the dog was with her, her blood pressure and body functions returned to normal, until the dog left, and her vitals soared out of control.

For four decades now, the Dog Wish Incorporated has endeavored to help those with critical needs through these dogs, and in over 500 cases, nationwide, has responded to, and placed Dog Wish Service Dogs with individuals who have come to us for help. One of those individuals was the late Dr. David Kelso, who didn’t tell us about his severe diabetic and seizure condition and needs until he received, worked, and was benefited by his Dog Wish Service Dogs. Dr. Kelso traveled with his dogs whose performance was honored by many organizations for their outstanding work. According to Dr. Kelso:

• “Our dogs are trained to respond to the electromagnetic energies being projected from the brain, and specific smells being created by the bodies of their handler.” We have been able to document that the handlers of our Service Dogs who use to have ‘melt downs’ consistently, which would last from 1 to 4 hours, before the child could resume normal activities, now had them once a week, and often the problem would last for 10 to 20 minutes, be much less severe, and much more controllable.

• This is because the dogs changed their mentality and metabolism and counter balanced the abnormal emotional responsiveness in their handler. At home, and In stores and restaurants, schools, etc., the affected person who was before uncontrollable or questionable, now will sit or stay with their dog, and will respond to discipline and instruction, and function much better, because of the dog.

• Another facet of our work is to train our dogs to alert when their handlers try to leave the home or property where their families live, and are trained to find them. In researching how to create our dogs, we trained several Certified Search & Rescue K9s. In 2006 one of our dogs was honored as America’s Top S&R K9, and America’s Top Therapy Dog.

• This can also be true of recipients who have Seizures, Dementia, PTSD, and/or other mental disorders. “Besides being able to detect and pre-alert to these conditions, the affect our dogs have on these people, counter balancing and reducing or stopping these activities, is amazing.”

The late Dr. David Kelso, PHD, College Professor, Director of Several Hospital Departments of Neuro Surgery and Mental Health Facilities, FEMA Director for Disaster Dogs for Northwestern United States, Consultant and Active handler of Police Dogs for Several Police Departments in Montana, New Mexico, and Washington State, was elected to the Board of Directors for The Dog Wish, Inc., Vice President of Dog Wish, Inc. He used our facilities and skills to produce 4 Service Dogs that became:

1. The National Search & Rescue Champion
2. The TOP Acclaimed Therapy dog in America
3. Honored as Police K9s in 5 States in America, and used for emergency, disaster, and critical K9 work, on call 24/7.
4. Found several Kid-napped Children by detecting their disturbed “brainwaves”
5. Found people, lost, with abnormal brainwaves.
6. Would indicate mental distress, diabetic blood sugar levels, seizure behaviors, abnormal neurological performance, etc. in people all over America.

Dog Wish is now working with Dr. Rhonda Mc Cloud PsyD, who is a Doctor of RHONDA !!Clinical Psychology, and on the Board of Dog Wish.

• Rhonda now works with Dog Wish, personally designing programs for the recipients of our Psychiatric Service Dogs.
• Rhonda is now working to become a Dog Wish Psychiatric Service Dog Trainer.
• Rhonda is working with us as an Ambassador to Government, State, and Local Organizations, educating them about the use of properly trained Psychiatric Service Dogs, and the differences between them and regular “Service” dogs. She also is training with us, and using our Psychiatric Service dog to help others.

As a multi-National Police, Master Tracking dog, and Obedience dog Champion, bob-heroswho has competed, and also represented America 12 times at the World Championships, I have chosen to help train dogs for the neurologically disabled community. As a 35-year Superior Court K9 Expert, I have been proven an Expert on K9 and Service Dog Behavior in Superior Courts, over and over in the past 35 years, and my Certification of these dogs bears the highest standards and quality found anywhere.
• For 30 years I have worked with the Make-A-Wish foundation, training and placing Service Dogs with children with critical problems.

These dogs bring life, hope, love, and intimate personal partnering to each handler and family they are placed with.JOHN,ARLA,NBESS

If you need to, see the videos, radio program interviews, or documents on this subject, go to, and you should get more clarification. One of those videos is of Jacob Seacker, whose Service Animal, Dog Wish’s Thor, has attended two different schools with him, full time, for some years now. They attended school in Kern County California. At first, this county also protested having Thor at school and with the new laws introduced in March of 2011 immediately reversed their stand.

I am hoping that this letter will help you gain clarity and responsiveness here as well.

Bob Taylor, President & Master Trainer, The Dog Wish Inc. pup in training
President of the American Association of Qualified Psychiatric Service Dog Trainers
35 YRS-California State Superior Court K9 & Service Dog Expert & Behaviorist
30 YRS Trainer for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, (760) 662-3767



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Autism is a worldwide phenomenon that is taking us into a new world experience.THE COWBOY

• In the past 27 years Autism has taken us all into a new dimension of life as we know it.
• Autism has literally stunned, and changed our world.
• No matter what anyone thinks, the reality is that we are going to have to deal with what is happening on an individual, group, social, and world wide level.
• Unlike what some people think, and what we are being told, Autism is a dominant genetic cycle, and it is going to take over the world.
• In 20 years one out of two people being born with be predominantly Autistic.
• From Einstein, to Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Larry Meisner, our world of technology is due to people with Autism.
• Autism is nature’s way of keeping us HUMAN
• Autism is God’s way of teaching us to stop, and realize what is really important in life.
• We ALL are affected, and infected, with Autism.

The greatest prescription any Doctor could write you is for a Dog Wish Autism Psychiatric Service Dog.STORE LADY

Many of the incredible changes we are experiencing in our world today have come from people whose minds have been only produced by the Autistic condition. While we have categorized Autism as a disability and a neurological disorder, it is quickly becoming much more.

Scientists are now having to admit
That Autism is a dominant genetic reaction to the world conditions we have developed. It is a reaction to the chemical/environmental conditions that exist world-wide, and is NOT caused by inferior female genetic conditions.

IN 2015 DOG WISH CONTRACTED WITH DOCTOR RHONDA Mc CLOUD WHO IS RHONDA !!NOW A DOG WISH TRAINER, AND ON STAFF. Dr. Mc Cloud received her doctorate for her thesis on THE HISTORY OF CANINE ASSISTED THERAPY, and works with the County of San Bernardino, and other Corporations and Organizations doing her incredible K9 Assisted Therapy.
*Dr. Mc Cloud is now available to work with clients:
• designing individual programs for those with special needs, to use with their purchased Dog Wish Psychiatric Service Dogs.
• Assisting with individual instruction as a Staff Psychologist with each person
• Available for critical concerns with each client

As the founder of Dog Wish

• I have been involved in training thousands of dogs for the disabled for 35 years.
• We have been involved in training dogs for those with Autism, full time, for 21 years now, and have placed dogs with over 300 families as Autism Service dogs.
• These dogs have greatly increased their handler’s ability to enjoy their personal lives, and to function within the family, socially, and at school.
• Dog Wish is a National leader in the Effort to get Service Dogs in Public Schools, and has:

1. Placed dogs in Public Schools in over 25 States Nation Wide

2. Has a Program going with the California State Board of Education, Department of Developmental Disabilities to work with families through Regional Centers, and place Service dogs with Public School Special Needs Teachers.
3. Works with Regional Centers, etc., to help individual families with their particular needs.

What we expect from our Service Dogs is simply extraordinary. In order to qualify a dog as a Service dog, it must perform at least three functions that are vital to the handler. We have documented that ours do much more, (normally between 13 and 17 functions).
The following video is about a Dog Wish Autism Service Dog:

This video is about the Sakurai family, and their Dog Wish Service Dogs:

This is a copy of the Voice of America radio program:
The following is a list documenting the affects our Service Dogs have on their handlers:

1. The first affect the dog has upon the handler is to balance their Harley !mental/emotional behaviors, such as “melt downs”.
• Our dogs are trained to respond to the electromagnetic energies projected by the handler’s brain , and
• specific smells being created by their handler’s body.

We have been able to document that the handlers of our Service Dogs who use to have “melt downs” every other or every third day, which would last from 1 to 4 hours before the child could resume normal activities, now had them once a week, and often the problem would last for 10 to 20 minutes, be much less severe, and much more controllable.
*This is because the dog has had their mentality and metabolism altered, and counter balances the abnormal emotional responsiveness in their handler.
• In stores and restaurants, the affected person who was before uncontrollable or questionable, now will sit or stay with their dog, and will respond to discipline and instruction much better, because of the dog.

2. Dog Wish Service Dogs are responsible to detect and alert for Seizures or likesasha n duke 6 disorders. Besides being able to detect and pre-alert to these conditions, the affect our dogs have on these people reducing and stopping these activities, is amazing. Our seizure dog training was evaluated and documented by the late Dr. David Kelso, PhD, (a National leader in his field), who also used 4 Dog Wish K9s for Police, Disaster, and Service Dog work for three years, (was honored as National Therapy, Search & Rescue, and Police K9 of the year, 2006-7) and coined the phrase, “Brainwave Sensitive”, referring to the special abilities Dog Wish conditions into our dogs.
3. The dogs will connect with their handler’s energy and will alert if they arePony 4 experiencing emotional problems. In one instance we documented that because of an alert from our dog, the parents in one family went to school themselves to find out that their child was left on the playground by themselves for over three hours, alone. The parent had to search with the dog to find the child, and because it was trained for search it found him in a corner of the school, behind a building, by himself, crying. Further research found that this had become a common occurrence. Other times the dog began to alert, pace, and scratch at the door, and the parent found their child in the school office, in trouble. In this particular case the school has now supplied proper support for both boys. Our dogs can detect the smells and energies put out by their handlers, and have even gone through windows, doors, etc., to get to them.

4. In therapy sessions it has been documented the therapists that a child with autism, KEVIN & SOCwho is normally about 22 to 25% cooperative and responsive by themselves, will be up to 95% responsive if their K9 is there. That is because they are much more relaxed, and emotionally controlled around the dog. The dog’s ability to connect with their handler is so strong that their presence and the electro-magnetic connection between the dog and the handler keeps the handler more balanced, and less anxious.
5. The dogs will immediately react to whatever is being projected. It is not abnormal for one of our trained Service Dogs to react to strangers (children or adults) that are experiencing trauma around them, and tell us they need help. Often this occurs regularly in social situations where the dog meets people for the first time. Last year I introduced a dog into a public elementary school. As we entered one class the dog left their handler and went to sit by a girl who had broken her arm the day before. The dog put her paw on the little girls chair and whined at her. No one but the dog knew she had broken her arm, and the dog was telling us. This year I introduced a dog into a day care for adults, and the first day the dog alerted on 7 different people before they had seizures. Our dogs are also known for reducing the amount of, and eliminating seizures in the lives of their handlers.

6. The dogs serve to help their handler socially connect. The Autism Society of amerlia at school 1America, California Chapter, did a survey in 2009 which documented that 57% of children with developmental disabilities were at that time growing up without having a single friend. Now, as the child handles the dog they are projected into the social steam and people, their peers, who never desired contact or connection with them, are drawn to them. It changes their lives. Caleb, at the right here, was picked on and bullied before. One and a half years later, after getting his dog, he is now the ASB Student Body President of his school. This is not an isolated experience, but with child after child we have seen a complete change in their lives.

7. We have seen a tremendous enhancement in the quality of parent/child, relationships through the relationship with the K9, especially father/child relationship, which often needs a focusing stimulus. Through the way the parent cares for, disciplines, and loves the dog, the child will often open and become more responsive to the parent as well, following the dog, and learn to accept intimacy and a stronger connection. 80% of men are affected in a negative way by having a disabled child. Through the dog that parent will now become more function able with that child as they share dog experiences together. For many people this can be very powerful.
8. Learning to accept and respond to discipline through their dog is a major function of the relationship between the Service Dog and their handler. I have been in many homes with developmentally disabled people, and there was no sense of discipline. In many homes it is a major problem, because the child simply has a “melt down” and can’t accept the stress of discipline. However, as the child and parent work, training the dog together, and the child sees how the dog responds to the parent, they learn to accept discipline indirectly, and start accepting discipline, and doing chores around the home, just like their dog does. In many homes this is a major improvement. We work on this with every child.

9. The affected person usually uses the relationship with their service dog to either conquer or deal with their fears in a more confident and beneficial way.DAKOTA AND BILLY They feel empowered by the dog to and through their new confidence engage socially, allow themselves to be more vulnerable, to try and be open to things they before would never have done.

10. The Service Dog is trained to help keep the affected handler from eloping, and/or to find them on command. This last two years we have had several dogs that alerted when their handler tried to “sneak out”. The dog would bark at them until they stopped. This is also true of handlers trying to climb over a fence. Their dog would “tell” on them. The K9 can be trained to NOT leave the property, and to stop the handler, if tethered to them, from leaving as well. In the past year, almost every week some Dog Wish Service Dog is responsible for saving the life of their handler each week.

11. The dog can also alert if the child is just thinking of doing something they know is wrong. If a child starts to write on the wall with a crayon, elope out the front door or over the back fence, the dog will alert, because the child is projecting the “bad” signal to them.

12. Our K9s are also mentally conditioned to ignore and be neutral to other distractions, (people and animals) and every dog we place has learned to give their handler at least 90% of their focus at all times. This is imperative for a service dog, and especially one whose primary function is to be alert to the behaviors of someone with a developmental disability.

13. Our K9s can respond to non-verbal communication from their handlers, and also greatly motivate verbal communication as well, some times from individuals who have never spoken before. (Think about it, if you are training a dog to work with someone that is basically non-verbal, or has serious problems communicating verbally, and the dog doesn’t detect, understand, and respond to non-verbal communication, they should be considered worthless!) Our dogs are trained to respond to the energies projected by the handler.

14. For the past several years we have worked with several families, teaching them to safely tether their child, or children, to our trained service dogs. *Though this is a sensitive issue, with proper training it has saved several lives. In fact, there isn’t a week that goes by now where a Dog Wish Service hasn’t saved the life of a child, somewhere in the USA.  We have never had a negative reaction to tethering a single dog to a single child.

a. Once the child accepts this conditioning, the family can use it to control their physical behaviors in public, and many times can do things they could never do before. I would consider that the basis for saying our program for tethering is a success!!
• Our Dog Wish Service Dogs are are custom selected, trained, and function according toBOBBY the need and desire of each individual recipient. Their performance is taylor’d according to your lifestyle and home environment, particular interests, and needs.

• Dog Wish Service Dogs are given the most comprehensive training you will find. (Very few people have any idea of the sensitive, complicated, and detailed work that it takes to produce each and every Dog Wish Service Dog we place.) The technology involved demands several fields of advanced dog training programs, combined and integrated, to produce each dog. Dog Wish is the ONLY organization that can produce the quality of K9 with these qualities.
• We have enjoyed unparalleled success with our scent detection program. We train every dog to search out and find scented articles that are imprinted with their new handler’s scent. When we work the dogs we do so wearing a garment that smells like their new handler. We have scented towels the dogs rest and sleep on that smell like their handler. What an impact this has on the dogs! Search and rescue is now a commonplace occurrence for us. Pre-detection and alert is a matter-of-fact. The dogs go to their new companion and handler already knowing them, thorough their scent.

• Our program is created and designed to increase a balance in the left-brain, right-brain IMG_1155behaviors and functionality in the dog, the handler, and everyone involved with dog training. It helps create a neurological balance in the handler, which increases the potential for every good desire you have for that person. It is uniquely designed to work with the mind of someone on the Autistic Spectrum of disabilities.

• Our dogs are now “Certified” for Passive Protectiveness. They protect their handlers from harm hypertensively in several ways. It is this attitude of vigilant service for their handler that makes them a Dog Wish Autism Service Dog. One out of two teenagers with Autism is eventually attacked and/or sexually abused. Not one with our Service Dogs will experience this.

Recently in putting together a program for a local family with a four-year-old boy, I asked them, as I do with all clients, to give me a list of every problem they were dealing with on a daily basis, that they wanted help with. Here’s the list:


1. Diagnosed with Autism: His Neurologist diagnosed high functioning Autism. Genetic FLUFFYtesting showed #8 chromosome doubled itself.
An MRI-SHOWED too much white brain matter, not grey showing improper brain development-his brain does not fill the brain cavity In his skull.
2. Diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy (affects all four limbs-right side more).
3. On medication for Severe Seizures, (different types).
4. Wanders off
5. Intentionally runs from us, even when dangerous
6. Sleep Apnea
7. Occasional Seizures
8. Head bangs in bed to sleep
9. Has uncontrollable melt downs
10. Doesn’t like crowds
11. Has Asthma
12. Has reflux
13. Doesn’t eat regular food, on liquid diet
14. Hyperactive
15. Not completely potty trained
16. Weakness in both ankles
17. Weakness in both wrists
18. Runs everywhere, never walks
19. Gets angry very easy
20. Tantrums, emotionally unbalanced
21. Gets into everything
22. Developmental delays
23. Major sensory issues; sights, smells, sounds, energies
24. Anxiety
25. Bites nails
26. Picks at self, (lips, fingers, etc.)
27. Poor impulse control
28. No boundaries
29. Can’t self regulate
30. Poor social skills
31. Doesn’t like to be restrained
32. Climbs on everything
33. Throws things
34. Hits people
35. Bites
36. A.D.H.D.
37. O.C.D.

Landon’s History, (written by Cory and Lisa Curtis)

Landon came to live with us at 4 ½ months, through the foster care system. He was our 11th foster child. He was just left in a crib for the first 4 months of his life, was droopy, couldn’t hold his own head up, or even smile. He was so sick that our first trip was right to the Dr., who referred us to a Pulmonary Specialist, who diagnosed him with asthma, allergies, and put him on meds for his reflux. He threw up constantly, held his hands in a fist, and just sat in his swing drooling.

At 1 year he was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, and an MRI revealed major delays. We were told he would most likely never walk, so he began physical therapy. He was now on pediasure instead of formula, after a Cookie Swallow Test showed that he had a pocket in his esophagus that would fill up, and then dump. He throws up all the time.

We made a family decision, which everyone supported, to adapt Landon. On November 4th 2010 Landon’s adoption was final. The County had a giant event where over 60 children were adopted in one day. We invited our whole family and close friends, and it was a joyous day.

At that time Landon was attending 7 therapies a week: 2 for Physical therapy; 1 for Occupational therapy, 2 for Feeding Therapy, 1 for Early start program, and 1 mommy and me class. Landon has had three surgeries already. Another MRI in the spring of 2011 showed his brain matter did not fill his skull, which was causing him to have seizures. Also, a new throat scan showed severe damage to his esophagus.

Landon started to crawl at 1-year-old, and to walk at about 2 years old. At two he spoke his first word, “dada”. Landon started to trouble breaking while asleep, and a Sleep Study showed he had Obstructive Sleep Apnea, and the next revealed Sleep Apnea, which could increase as he gets older; it is a watch and wait thing, every night.. Right now we wake him if he stops breathing, or if his breathing sounds funny.

On November 15th, 2010 Landon began attending a Medically Fragile preschool, where he preschool in the morning, and therapies in the afternoon. In August of 2011 Landon started displaying behavioral problems in school, hitting, spitting, kicking, and being non-responsive to the teachers. So, back to the Neurologist, who diagnosed him with Autism.

At his school one day I saw a business card for a support group on the internet for mothers of children with Autism. While on face book I learned about Dog Wish. Bob Taylor at Dog Wish has many answers for us, and his training is a real blessing. His intelligent sensitivity and responsiveness to our family have helped us to relax, and his knowledgeable instruction is good for us all.

The Curtis family found out about Dog Wish through their local Regional Center, whereFLUFNNO2 we have given seminars and talks on our program to train Service Dogs for those with Neurological Problems. We met, and introduced them to a dog that we felt would fit the profile for their son, and it was a “match”. “Fluffy was a very sensitive German Shepherd, about 10 months old, who was bred and raised in our kennel. It was easy to see that the dog was drawn to Landon, who really enjoyed her presence. The Curtis’s started coming out to work with their new Service Dog, introducing and exposing Landon to “Fluffy” at our facility.

Fluffy responded very well to their daughter Amy who immediately displayed the interest and ability to work with Fluffy. I was very excited to see her willingness to help train this dog for her younger brother. I introduced her to my daughter who was the same age, and had the two worked together, as Amanda taught her how to work with and handle Fluffy. They came out twice a week for about a month, when Fluffy decided it was time for a change. Fluffy decided that this family was hers, and she began to ignore us, and listen only to them. Fluffy would go to them off leash, and want to stay there. So, I told them to take her home.

The first night home Fluffy was staying in Landon’s room, when she started barking. Landon was thirsty, but nobody heard him call, so Fluffy alerted the family to come and help him. Fluffy watched over Landon inside the house, and in the yard. Wherever he went, so did Fluffy. She would lay and watch him play, and sometimes they played together.

About three weeks later, one night the family went to bed, and about an hour later Fluffy started to wine, and then bark. The family thought maybe she was barking at someone walking by their house, so they started to go back to sleep. Fluffy then grabbed the blanket on their bed and started to pull it off the bed. The parents got up and went to check Landon. Fluffy had noticed his irregular breathing, and when the Curtis’s check he started to seizure. Fluffy has continued to watch, detect, and alert to Landon. She calms him down, and helps him to maintain a healthier neurological balance, and shows a constant, vigilant concern for Landon. I asked them recently, after several months, how often Fluffy had detected, alerted, and helped stop a seizure or like condition with Landon. His mother Lesa looked at me like I was nutty, and then said, “Bob, she has never gone a day, or night, without doing it. She’s indispensable. We would never think of not having her around him ever.” She thought I just knew that. The Curtis’s are now on the Board of Directors for Dog Wish, and actively support us.

Landon isn’t the only child Dog Wish is or has trained a dog for with these problems, we elisenpeach10do it all the time. So much so that the Curtis’s have found others on the Internet with our Dog Wish Service Dogs that they have contacted and are becoming friends with, besides those they are meeting at the Dog Wish training facility.

How can a dog be trained to handle all these day and night disabling problems? We’ve built a career doing just that! We are committed to helping the Curtis’s raise Landon, improve and enhance his life, and make a difference for these very brave, rare, courageous people. They are one of the over 100 families we help, who have kids with Autism.

In the past 15 years we have placed n dogs with children who have severe Autism disabilities, on the lower end of the Autistic Spectrum. These wonderful children came to our facility and we worked with them and their parents to instill the Dog Wish Experience in each case. We took them out socially, and helped the parents and their schools are ELATED to have them. They help everyone.

Our training is very comprehensive.
We have just finished training two dogs for Mr. Boyd Bradshaw, a leading Psychologist, who is using the dogs with private schools, for his students with Developmental Disabilities.


I have come to bring goodness:
Through The Life Force We Harness,
In Each Dog We Produce,
In Every Dog Wish Service Dog,
We Create!

Through The Power We Endue,
And The Abilities We Build,
By The Transformation We Channel,
And The Connection We Make Possible,
We Simply Bring Change:

From Chaos To Order,
From Hopelessness To Hope,
From Despair To Joyfulness,
From Doubt To Faith,
From Disability To Ability,
From Sickness To Health,
From Ignorance To Knowledge,
From Death to Life.

Bob Taylor 12-26-2011

Please feel free to contact Dog Wish at 760-662-3767, or email us at

A short additional comment:

We have become concerned with pricing due to many comments we have read on the internet, so we did a composite study throughout America this last year and interviewed some 200 Service Dog Organizations and businesses, asking what they charged, their procedures and protocols, and found some amazing results. The normal Service Dog org, or business, charged an average of $20 to $25,000.00 per dog, with the highest companies charging up to $65,000.00 a dog to place. Our prices of $15,000.00 are way under the average cost. In comparison with other companies we also offer much more than other providers, and our follow through is flat out better than any company we could find.

At Dog Wish we take things on an individual basis, and every training course and dog is unique according to the needs and desires of each person. We realize that our business is critical, life and death, and life changing, and we take it seriously.

Feel free to call and speak with us, make an appointment to see our dogs and facility, and email at any time.

CONTACT ME AT, or 760-662-3767


Dementia’s Greatest Prescription-A Dog Wish Psychiatric Service Dog, by Bob Taylor


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*Dog Wish Service Dogs are the greatest help you can provide to someone who bookcover2has Dementia. They have had their natural mental processes modified, and are trained to connect, communicate, and partner up with people who have become primarily ‘right-brained’ more effectively than a ‘left-brained’ or “normal” human could.
People who are primarily ‘right-brained’ do not have the ability to communicate their thoughts and feelings that people who are ‘left-brained’ do. They need a partner who can detect their needs and respond non-verbally.

Dog Wish Service Dogs are the answer because:

• They can communicate non-verbally and detect the intentions, needs, and desires of their handler.
• They are trained to go left brained, and meet their handler on the level where they are and work with them at that mental place.
• Because of their conditioning they can counter mood swings, melt downs, emotional confusion, turmoil based behaviors, and help the handler to resolution with calmness.
• They can pick up on the intentions of the caregiver and help them work more successfully with the affected person.
• They can synchronize their energy with that of their handler, providing comfort, confidence, and communication.

Because of their condition, our understanding, and training, their dog will be capable of BOBNRICKdoing things with and for them that you cannot do.
The dog will understand them far better than you are capable of, and be able to respond to them in ways you can’t. Simply put, whether that person is in their home or a chosen Assisted Living Facility, the most important thing to them, always, is that their Service Dog be right there. This is because the Service Dog, when trained properly, will immediately become their primary connection with this world, and their presence will be your best and most beneficial tool in preserving their personal integrity and keeping them safe, healthy, and happy. Anyone who is serious about the welfare of that person needs to take these facts into consideration.

Unlike what someone without proper knowledge or understanding might think, our Dog Wish K9 Service Dog will be a better qualified and more helpful and beneficial caregiver, than you can be, in many ways.
However, don’t feel left out, because you will still be needed, for the little things.
How is this even possible?
• They can detect the scents that their handler’s body produces. They will know what is normal, abnormal, and can detect, alert, and respond for the benefit of their handler.
• They are many (up to 100) times more sensitive to the energies we produce as we are, and can detect abnormal brainwave and body energy.
• We have created methods for teaching dogs to invert their senses and then use their sensory abilities to concentrate 95 to 100% of their attention on their handlers at all times.
• We have created exercises that I go through with their handlers, that strengthen the emotional bond between the Service Dog and their handler.
• In so doing, we teach our Service Dogs to have an unusually intense and critical focus on their handlers, to “watch out” for them and to be emotionally close to them.

A DOGWISH Service dog is a 24-Hour Passively Protective Partnersasha n duke 6
• The K9 can stop the person from leaving the home in the later stages of the disease and alert the caregiver.
• In the first two stages of the disease, the K9 can be trained to accompany the handler, so they can safely go for a walk and return them home.
• They can discourage aggressive advances of others and will intelligently and progressively, passively protect their handlers, according to the letter of the law.
• The Service Dog is always there as a primary connection for the handler and can help with the emotional aspects of their disability.
• The Service Dog is a constant friend who is focused on the handler 24/7.

A DOG WISH Service dog IMPROVES the Handler’s Function Ability

• The Service Dog develops a strong connection with the disabled individual and improves self-confidence. The Service Dog also helps to resolve fear issues and can reduce co-dependence.
• The Service Dog can intervene with a depressed or fearful handler, improving his/her state of mind. The Service Dog will sense this state and reduce the sense of loneliness and isolation.
• The alert and concerned presence of a trained Dog Wish Service Dog can help by detecting and alerting everyone to a potentially dangerous situation caused by delusionary, hysterical or forgetful behaviors that could cause the handler harm.
A DOG WISH Service Dog CAN Delay Deterioration of the Handler!FLUFNNO1

• By improving the physical health of its handler with walks and other physical activity.
• Physical activities slow down the impact of aging and degeneration of muscle tissue and bone mass.
• Provides a positive connecting relationship outside of their own mental state of being that motivates, encourages and uplifts them.
• Interacting with the Service Dog stimulates the handler’s brain.
• According to the Alzheimer’s Association, it is possible reverse the trends of dementia in up to 10% of all cases.

If your loved one is going through the beginning stages of Dementia do not hesitate to call and speak with Dog Wish today. A Dog Wish K9 Dementia Service Dog will make all the difference in the World for you and your loved one.

Dog Wish is committed to helping Dementia Sufferers. We have a Gerontologist and Aging in Place Specialist on staff, who also has Certificates in Dementia and related fields from leading Universities. We also, now, are connected to one of America’s Leading GeroPschologists, Dr. Jeffrey Martindale, PhD, who is serving on our Board of Directors.

Dog Wish is being contacted by critical contacts in our own state, throughout America, in Canada and the UNITED KINGDOM, and in Europe, Africa, and Australia. We are open and very interested in pursuing the establishment, and development of centers throughout the world, to help train Psychiatric Service Dogs for these people. Please feel free to contact us.

Dog Wish is committed to helping the families and caregivers of Dementia and PETE MURPHY & HIS DEMENTIA DOGAlzheimer’s sufferers keep their loved ones and those they are caring for in the early stages of Dementia as long as possible, whether they are at home, or in a chosen facility.

We have a perplexing problem in our society that is affecting 35% of the families with older people in America. This problem is called Dementia. Dementia affects 3 out of 10 adults in our society. Dementia causes a mental regression in the minds of those who are affected by it. It is a fatal disease that robs them of their mental abilities to function, until the brain is no longer able to keep them alive. Dementia victims die a slow, lonely, and painful regressive death. As a result it is the most feared disorder known to modern science.
It has been found that:

• Those who stay where things are familiar, stay healthier longer
• Those who live with less stress, and are more cognizant, and can live longer
• Those who deal with less confusion and frustration, do better
• Those who are more emotionally balanced do better
• Those who are kept mentally stimulated use their brains easier

A Dog Wish Service Dog is selected and trained to provide the answers for both the Dementia patient, and those caring for them.
Some of the leading concerns stated by caregivers who are working with people suffering with dementia related symptoms are that as the disease progresses, the affected individual becomes:
• More and more disoriented
• Less responsive
• Less reactive, and
• More self-absorbed
• More emotionally unstable
• More prone to emotional break downs and melt downs,
• More lonely, isolated, and detached
• Mentally disjointed and prone to erratic behaviors at unusual times
• More prone to delusional thoughts and behaviors

All of these behaviors are symptomatic of a person who has lost the ability to use their “left-brained” functions, cognitive processes, and frontal lobe processes, and cerebral cortex behaviors, that we all depend upon for normal behavior, as described by top scientists.

Many top studies sight the work of Dr. Nancy Minshew, and her team of researchers at the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Minshew is noted as being one of the most prolific and best-known researchers in the field of Autism, Alzheimer’s, and the brain. With Dementia it is the loss of Purkinge cells in the brain that destroys its ability to use left and frontal brain functions and activities.

Dr. Minshew has found that there is a unique and remarkable counter-effect produced by the brain. The brain re-wires itself, and the right side of the brain takes over and performs those functions normally addressed by the left side of the brain. Being predominately right brained is a unique and remarkable phenomenon, produced by the brain itself, in an attempt to reproduce the abilities being lost by the individual whose is losing their ability to use important parts of their left brain.

As mentioned in my latest book, CAREGIVERS WITH PAWS: How Service Dogs are helping those suffering with Dementia and Alzheimer’s, and other blogs written by the author, this unique mental ‘state-of-being’ is highly illusive, and poses several problems for the caretaker, and those trying to communicate with the affected person. (*NOTE: the above referenced book can be purchased on, in the Kindle section.)

People who are predominately ‘right-brained’ may ‘copy’ those around them who are left brained, but lack the connected cognition which the left brain provides. Therefore, those who are disabled with this mental disorder may appear intelligent and capable, but this is an illusion and is not trustworthy. According to Dr. Brian Putnam, one of the world’s leading Stem Cell Experts, the right brain is primarily used as a storehouse for memory, and has a million times the storage capacity that the left brain has.
Because of this, people whose brains have been re-wired may in some ways possess genius mentalities, but in other ways be seriously lacking in their function ability. They may ‘appear’ to be responding in a normal fashion, but it is not a reliable, comprehensive behavior.

• The right brain does not have the logical, rational abilities to produce the cognizant behaviors that the left brain does.
• The right brain is prone to illusive, subjective processes, that are irrational
• The ‘right-brained’, affected person, exists in a separate reality than a ‘left-brained’ person

Dog Wish, President Bob Taylor,, 760-662-3767

Psychiatric Service dogs for Depression, by Bob Taylor


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At Dog Wish we concentrate on resolving your problems. Though the Training we Bob Taylorimprint into the sub-conscious mind of your dog. Instead of teaching you how to use your dog to handle, work with, and maintain your disability problems, we will give you a dog that will empower, motivate, and provide the ability for you to resolve your problems!!

The program for Psychiatric Dog Wish Service Dogs is the culmination of 30 years of work and research. The methods you can now enjoy have come from training 10s of thousands of dogs, and clients. More than that, they are connected to ancient teachings from world master’s who have used them for thousands of years to produce enhancement, enlightenment, and upper mobility for hundreds of thousands of people, throughout the ages. Our training with our dogs, and with you, is the product of learning to connect, with you, the world, and the universe around us, to limitless power and ability, that we infuse into you through your Psychiatric Service Dog.

Today, Dog Wish provides the best Psychiatric Service Dogs you will find,sima n buddy because we have done the work, and can produce a far superior product for you.

What counts in dog training is behavior, and what counts for you is resolution from your disabilities. You won’t find a better resolution for yourself anywhere.

Note:The following blog contains excerpts that could be disturbing, painful, and traumatizing. Please proceed with caution, and make sure you are NOT being overwhelmed by the content.
Depression is a major result of mental disorders. (See my blog on Bi-Polar problems). Weather you suffer from PTSD, Severe anxiety, chronic Panic Attacks, Bi-Polar, ADD, DID, TBI etc., problems, as a result, you fight with Depression.

“I feel emotionally and physically cut off. I ignore my wife and daughter. I shut down. I won’t let my wife get close to me, or my daughter. They try to give me love and attention, but I push them away. I expect too much while disregarding their feelings, and I’m cold and harsh to them. I’m very over disciplined.  Sexually I am shut off from my wife, I ignore her needs and treat her badly.”

“My medications, like Serequel, Ambian, Zoloft, Zanax, Alprolamzam, Zyprexa and easily another 45 other medications, have All failed to work! The doctors keep giving them to me in stronger and stronger doses and have sent me to a Medication Specialist because they aren’t effective. The specialist has analyzed me chemically to find out why I am immune to the effect of these legal drugs, and has made super drugs for me.”

Depression is the major cause for actions that destroy lives. It doesn’t matter why you are depressed, the fact is that Depression is a dangerous, serious state of mind that can destroy

*We live in a world full of energies that we don’t understand and can’t explain. No matter what is happening in the world around us, we are trapped inside a body, being fed feelings and emotions by our brain, without the ability to control or stop them.

*No matter what anyone says or does to help you, it is you who are suffering, you who are taking what life gives you and creating your own world, and you who have to stop, focus, and create your own reality.

We do understand where you are, what you are suffering, and why you need a MAX n DONNA 2Service Dog.

If you are the one:

• whose mind is creating the pain and suffering and
• your brain is responsible for creating the torment you are living with,

there must be a way for you to gain control over your own brain, and stop the process, without prescription drugs.

YOU need to be able:

• to re-program your brain
• to produce what YOU want, and
• not what it wants.

It is possible for you:

• to erase the material in your own brain that is causing YOU to suffer, WILD BOB & ARGUS
• replacing it with programs that YOU can create yourself.
• This will feed you what YOU need to control and live YOUR life with peace and happiness.

This is what our program, Service Dogs for Depression, is all about!

OUR program is based on several specific goal related concerns:

It is my personal belief that most of the people I listen to and hear from:

• are not capable of resolving their problems in their present condition.
• are disabled by their disorders,
• and find themselves victimized by their circumstances.

Therefore the first thing Dog Wish does with each dog is to teach each dog to focus 100% on their handler. Our dogs are trained to be “brainwave sensitive”, and they learn to keep constant connection with their handler.

The results of this training are that:KERRYPUP3

• the dogs become a “counter-balance”,
• detecting, understanding, and alerting on uncontrolled behaviors in their handlers,
• and have a SUPER calming effect on their handler.

What we see continuously is that through the relationship with their dog:

• The handler is empowered to handle Depression
• They find it much easier to control their mental processes, and
• Get a huge break from the constant depression they feel.

This is a powerful and sensitive training that goes way beyond the norm, and must be done by a master trainer. NO other school offers this training.

Even if you are aware of the processes your brain and body are going through to create the behaviors and corresponding emotions they are feeding you, you can’t stop them just because you want to, or prepare to counter the effects of these processes. However, Dog Wish Service dogs are trained to tune in, understand, and alert to the neurological needs of their handler, and can empower you to do just that!

• Our dogs can smell abnormal body scents. MARTINA 1
• This requires a superior instinct in the dog to respond to our training and be capable of the high level of scent detection, which we require to pass our tracking courses.
• Each dog is trained with scented articles from their future handler, which we teach them to track and find.
• By learning to detect and find their handler’s scent, which we use for all training, they learn over 100 details about their handler before they ever meet.
• In learning this training the dogs become sensitive to the regular, and then abnormal smells their handler will put out, and can alert on those smells accordingly.
• NO other school offers this training.

The ability to let go, relax, and just enjoy being still, quiet, and happy is an ability someone with Depression disabilities doesn’t have. Very simply, these people live in HELL, and cry for relief from their torment and agony.

That’s why:

• from the beginning of our training and through the entire course of training we provide,MAX2NISA 2 the methods for communication we use to instruct our dogs and handlers as well are:
1. holistic,
2. therapeutic,
3. healing, and
4. teach their brains to slow down,
5. stop, focus on this second only,
6. and just relax.

The training is very intense, and very demanding.

In order to succeed it requires 100% attention to detail, every second of the training. As a result the dogs, and the handlers, learn to:

• focus,
• to think only of what they are doing right now,
• to slow down and pay attention to the very important details they are learning, and
• not to be distracted by anything, a sound, a movement, a thought, anything!

As a result your brain will stop producing the behaviors you hate.

*Our dogs come 100% focused on the handlers. These handlers enjoy the effects of having successfully trained their brains to do;

• what THEY want,
• when THEY want,
• because THEY want.

Being happy is a choice, not something you earn, not something work on, but elisenpeach10something you decide. You can be happy not matter what Depression you face, and we can show you how.

This past week I sent a dog home with a man in Iowa, who lives with his wife and two children, and hasn’t been out of his home for over 12 years, accept with help from his family. He suffered severe, life threatening, Depression, and anxiety.

• The first time we went shopping he sweated profusely, almost passed out, was shaking like a leaf. He stuttered, couldn’t speak, and shut down for hours afterwards.

• Four days later we spent over an hour at Cosco, with 5 thousand other people, shopping, talking to over 100 people, and having a blast. He walked out of the store, normal, and happy.

He called last night and they were having a family barbeque, outside, with the whole block. He was having a blast, and over 50 people told me “thank you” for giving them back their friend, etc. A week later and now Mathew is going to work, being the man he has wanted to be for years, but wasn’t empowered. Dog Wish listened, understand, and was able to change HIS life with a dynamic Service Care K9 Dog. He hasn’t suffered with Depression since he got his dog.
A year and a half later, and he is doing great, and his family can benefited from everything we taught his dog to do.

I have come to bring goodness:GIGI THE BEAUTIFUL
Through The Life Force We Harness,
In Each Dog We Produce,
In Every Dog Wish Service Dog,
We Create!

Through The Power We Endue,
And The Abilities We Build,
By The Transformation We Channel,
And The Connection We Make Possible,
We Simply Bring Change:
From Chaos to Order,
From Hopelessness to Hope,
From Despair to Joyfulness,
From Doubt to Faith,
From Disability to Ability,
From Sickness to Health,
From Ignorance to Knowledge,
From Death to Life.

There is no reason for you to sit in body, in your home, dBOB KERRY & HEATHepressed, down, and out!! Give us a call, email us, and we will show you how to get YOUR dog going, now!

     Bob & KerryTaylor,
      Dog Wish,Inc                
    760-662-3767 –

Dog Wish Shepherd Strudels, by Bob Taylor


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We have for some years now received emails and calls from clients that were interested in a hypo-allergenic Service Dog, who could perform the tasks they need to help them with their disability disorders. Many of our clients have allergic reactions to dander, but also many to peanuts, or other toxic substances,

Labra-doodles and Golden-doodles
However, we have been very concerned with the quality of dog available from breeders around the nation, etc., that we could use to produce the dog they needed. Specific disturbing qualities in these dogs that caused us to not be impressed were:

• Acute physical problems caused by immune deficiencies, improper digestive abilities, acute problems with inability to handle normal K9 internal pest problems, etc.
• Non-responsive Hypertensive behaviors that are unalterable
• Poor temperament problems that greatly limit behavior capabilities
• Dispositional problems that cause them to become neurotic and excessively needy
• We did train a Golden-doodle last year, (took twice the normal time) who is successfully performing for the family, and in public school full time, with her handler. She was an owner’s dog, and since returning home, thank God, the family have put in a lot of work, and made her perform, with our help.
That being said, we did also train a Labra-doodle this last year that turned our wonderful,MAX n DONNA 2 as a Psychiatric Service Dog. He does have an extraordinary handler, and he’s doing an excellent job. He is a Dementia Psychiatric Service Dog, and his exploits are legendary. However, we had to search for him all over America and Canada. When we got him, three days later he came down with Parvo, and Coccidia; almost died, and it took 18 days of intensive care to bring him back. We then had to treat him for internal pests for three months before he had a normal stool. Typical of this mixed breed of dog.

Because of the questions and concerns about these dog, we researched all the way to the originator these mixed dogs. Wally Conron, the creator of the first “designer dog”, who bred numerous litters to produce a proper working dog, and was never successful, and in an interview with Stanley Coren Ph.D., F.R.S.C., Published in Canine Corner:
• Wally bred a large number of dogs who failed to be hypoallergenic.
• He found dogs were, for the most part, not hypo-allergenic, as others have claimed, who do not even test them properly.
• While attempting to breed them a “Guide Dogs”, he couldn’t produce a single dog that could qualify as such.
• The dogs were physiologically riddled with problems, like seizures, problems with their eyes, hips and elbows.
• “I opened a Pandora’s box, that’s what I did. I released a Frankenstein. So many people are just breeding for the money.”
There are serious questions I would have for Wally, like:
1. Were the parents trained as “Guide Dogs’, or just dogs you decided to breed. What were the training backgrounds in each dog you bred that qualified them as worthy breeding candidates? Each dog we breed is pre-certified as a Psychiatric Service Dog, and has proven their ability to produce quality pups.
2. We check the background of each dog, their parents, grandparents, as far as we can go, and find out about potential problems, and genetic potentialities they pass on.
3. Why did Wally continue to breed from dogs that produced inferior pups. If one of our dogs does not produce top quality dogs, we would never continue to breed them.
I love Poodles, have trained them for years, and have used them as Psychiatric Service Dogs, as well as Search and Rescue, and even Police K9 dogs, successfully.
Strudel Dogs!
A German would not own a Doodle, he would own a Strudel!Draco 2

So, when we decided to breed our own hypo-allergenic mix, the named them accordingly. We took great pains in finding a Standard Poodle from excellent breeding. The dogs in this kennel, beside being shown for Confirmation, were also trained and achieved numerous titles for Obedience.
Having trained Poodles as Psychiatric Service Dogs, Search & Rescue dogs, Police Dogs, and Personal companion and protection dogs, I have a long vested interest in the breed.
We found an excellent specimen from acceptable working dog lines, purchased, and trained him in several phases of Psychiatric Service Dog work. He responded excellent in every area, and is a great working dog. We have then bred him to carefully selected bitches from our stock that we have trained and kept as our own dogs.

The results were phenomenal. These dogs embody the working abilities of any GIGI THE BEAUTIFULShepherd in our kennel:
• They track great
• They do good bite work, and are protective
• They handle stress with no problem
• They have the drive of a German Shepherd
• They have the demeanor of a Poodle, accept when pushed
• They are balanced, stable, loving, but capable, and have excellent temperament

Through my years of expertise as a breeder of several working dogs, (I have the Merit of Honor from the German Shepherd Dog Club of America-Working Dog Association, given by the Shepherd Club for “Outstanding GIGI 1Contribution to the German Shepherd Breed in America”), and have learned from noteworthy genetics experts both here in America, and in Germany, the proper techniques for breeding superior dogs, which we do. I applied these criteria to this breeding, and every single puppy can easily be a Guide Dog, Psychiatric Service Dog, Search Dog, etc. (The secret is in the breeding, which is why we produced so MANY National Champion and World Champion quality working dogs, and sold pups to Germans.)
These pups are far beyond any designer dog I have ever trained, much more capable GIGI YAWNINGand usable than any doodle I have ever trained.  Unlike Conron, it didn’t take 33 tries to produce proper working dogs that could be trained as Psychiatric Service dogs, it took one try!

We are more than ecstatic! We now have produced a second litter with close to the same results. These dogs are larger, but share the same characteristics.

For more information please email, or call me at 760-662-3767

PSYCHIATRIC SERVICE DOGS For those with Bipolar, ADD, ADHD, DID, ODD, etc., By Bob Taylor


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The disorders accompanying the classifications for Bi-Polar disabilities, Abnormal or ANTHRAXMultiple Personality (DID), ADD, ADHD, ODD etc. represent a dark morass of disorders that the world has chosen to run, hide from, and ignore. (Thus the picture I have chosen to represent this disorder from radical rock band, Anthras.)

We were recently visited by individuals who know us through their daughter who is beset with PTSD, and was dropping out of her Doctorate program at UCI, until we partnered her up with a Dog Wish PTSD Psychiatric Service Dog, that has changed it all! Her parents were so impressed that they are putting us in contact with The Director of a special program created by the US Department of Defense, for the soldiers with TBI. Because of the elite breeding and training program we use, our dogs have demonstrated the capabilities to respond to their needs, in phenomenal ways.

Over the years, clients with these disabilities have presented us with the most severe, dangerous, and complicated behavioral concerns we have found.  Their disorders are aggravated, especially, when you consider that they are complicated by mixing them with Anxiety, PTSD, TBI, Asperger’s Syndrome, Dementia, etc., which often will accompany these disorders.
Their disorders are complicated by the overproduction or underproduction of natural chemicals that their brain stimulates their body to produce. Psychiatrists have attempted to address and remedy this condition by prescribing them medicines to stimulate or provide these chemicals artificially, and often, the effect is worse than the original condition.

• These people live their lives as victims, living in a body, with a brain they have no control over that produces feelings and actual behaviors for them that become habitual and are actually a physiological part of their brain.  To begin, let’s start off with a few important definitions:

The National Institute of Mental Health
“Bipolar disorder—the larger condition that includes bipolar depression—is a lifelong, or chronic, illness. It’s a condition that affects the brain in a way that can cause extreme mood swings that vary in length. People with bipolar disorder can go from mania (the “highs”)—feeling euphoric or revved up and irritable—to depression (the “lows”)—feeling down or hopeless. These highs and lows are called “episodes.”

Bipolar disorder is sometimes referred to as manic depression.
“Some people may experience mood swings that are less extreme than a full manic episode, known as hypomania.”

WIKIPEDIA-What Is Bipolar Disorder?
“Bipolar disorder, also known as manic-depressive illness, is a brain disorder that causes unusual shifts in mood, energy, activity levels, and the ability to carry out day-to-day tasks. Symptoms of bipolar disorder are severe.  Treatment commonly includes psychotherapy and medications such as mood stabilizers or antipsychotics.”BRAIN ART
Decreased levels of dopamine may be linked to slowing down of motivation or movement. Dopamine is a chemical messenger in the brain called a neurotransmitter. It helps control movement in the body and is also linked to thinking and emotions. Increased levels of dopamine may be linked to more motivation or movement.
Decreased levels of serotonin may be linked to a sad or down mood. Serotonin is a chemical produced by nerve cells in the brain. This chemical, or neurotransmitter, acts as a messenger in the brain. It helps control moods.…Depressed mood most of the day; feeling sad or empty, tearful.

• Significant loss of interest or pleasure in activities that used to be enjoyable
• Significant weight loss (when not dieting) or weight gain; decrease or increase in appetite
• Difficulty sleeping or sleeping too much
• Agitation; or slowing down of thoughts and reduction of physical movements
• Fatigue or loss of energy
• Feelings of worthlessness or inappropriate guilt
• Poor concentration or having difficulty making decisions
• Thinking about death or suicide
“Bipolar disorder may also be present in a mixed state, in which you might experience both mania and depression at the same time. During a mixed state, you might feel very agitated, have trouble sleeping, experience major changes in appetite, and have suicidal thoughts. People in a mixed state may feel very sad or hopeless while at the same time feel extremely energized.
Sometimes, a person with severe episodes of mania or depression has psychotic symptoms too, such as hallucinations or delusions. The psychotic symptoms tend to reflect the person’s extreme mood. For example:
• if you are having psychotic symptoms during a manic episode, you may believe you are a famous person, have a lot of money, or have special powers.
• If you are having psychotic symptoms during a depressive episode, you may believe you are ruined and penniless, or you have committed a crime.
• As a result, people with bipolar disorder who have psychotic symptoms are sometimes misdiagnosed with schizophrenia.
According to noted Psychiatrists:
People with bipolar disorder may also abuse alcohol or substances, have relationship SIMA & FRIENDSproblems, or perform poorly in school or at work. It may be difficult to recognize these problems as signs of a major mental illness.  Doctors diagnose bipolar disorder using guidelines from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). To be diagnosed with bipolar disorder, the symptoms must be a major change from your normal mood or behavior.

There are four basic types of bipolar disorder:
Bipolar I Disorder—defined by manic or mixed episodes that last at least seven days, or by manic symptoms that are so severe that the person needs immediate hospital care. Usually, depressive episodes occur as well, typically lasting at least 2 weeks.
Bipolar II Disorder—defined by a pattern of depressive episodes and hypomanic episodes, but no full-blown manic or mixed episodes.
Bipolar Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (BP-NOS)—diagnosed when symptoms of the illness exist but do not meet diagnostic criteria for either bipolar I or II.

This past two years I have been listening, intrigued by, a musical, Jekill & Hyde, written in 1990, which to me is epic, because it is the only musical ever written that explains the journey of a man into the dark madness and morass we all experience to different extents in life. Jekill is forced to succeed in his life’s work, by becoming the experiment himself. He ingests the mixture of chemicals he has created that change him, unchain his dark side, and enable him to enter a mentality that fills him with a created power to become evil. He never dreamed that this self-induced state of being would become so dominant as to possess him, “something inside me, a breathtaking pain, devours and consumes me, and drives me insane!”
“I have psychotic PTSD, Chronic Severe Panic/anxiety disorder, I also have selective mute-ism and agoraphobia as a result of my anxiety and PTSD. I also have Fibromyalgia and that makes it hard to walk most days. Being afraid all of the time is not a life, hiding out under tables, in the dark, having panic attacks that make me feel awful.
I also have a heart condition that has developed because of the severe anxiety I have had my whole life. My first panic attack was around the age of 9. and until 6 years ago, I was able to live with it in a somewhat normal way.”
Is the above person suffering with Bi-Polar problems?
“I’ve been dealing with PTSD, anxiety, depression and bi-polar disorders for almost ten years.”
“I am unable to work due to my meds. I have panic attacks 5-6 times a week. I’m unable to go anywhere without company. I have a 10-year-old daughter and want to be the mom she deserves on an even level. I had a German Shepherd in college who ended up saving my dad’s life. Very special to me. My dog of 13 years died a few months ago. While she was never trained, she was extremely helpful in the dark hours. To have an alternative to chemicals would be a great relief.”

“My 8 yr. old son has severe ADHD. He continues to go to numerous doctors to find no help. He has been diagnosed by a Neuro-Psychotherapist by the Children’s’ Hospital of Peoria, of being in the middle of the spectrum for ADHD. Which, he gets the worst of both sides. I have tried numerous medications to no avail. He succumbs to all the side effects. I am very curious how the dogs you have trained have helped children with ADHD with their everyday living, such as schooling. This has been an on going battle for the past 4 years and I don’t think I could put my child on another medication.”


Jake was a young man who had dropped out of his University Master’s program, beenTitan n Jesse 2 fired by his employer, and couldn’t cope with life. His parents were beyond themselves with worry over him, and had me calling him daily, to help them keep him from suicide, until they could bring him to get his dog.
He now had owned his dog for a year, and since the first time he held his leash until today, the dog has become his partner, best friend, and CONSTANT companion. He is now finishing his education, working, and living the life he never dreamed he could live. I will never forget his first question to me, sitting in a chair on our patio, riddled with mania and anxiety. He looked up and said, “What’s a damn dog going to do for me?” You see, Jake had spent his whole life with dogs and horses, and couldn’t imagine that a dog could help him! I had my team bring his dog up, put the leash in his hands, and said, “let’s see.” Jake took Titan for a walk. He was gone for about 15 minutes, and when he came back he sat down without a word, started to twitch, then shake, and cry. As the tears rolled down his cheeks his parents rushed to his side. “What’s wrong Jake”, they asked:

“NOTHING!!”, He replied, “I feel great! It’s working!” His parents grabbed their bags, got in their car, and yelled back, “see you later”, and they did. Four days later Jake and Titan went home and Jake started his new life. It did work for him, and a hundred others like him these last two years.

I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true, because Dog Wish Psychiatric Service Dogs are RADAR 3trained:

• To counter-balance your abnormal and manic behaviors naturally, with their enhanced, neurologically modified presence.
• Just the very presence of your dog will be therapeutically, holistically, and naturally healing, therapeutic, and relaxing for you.
• The dog will take you to a new place, neurologically, where you relax, and just be, without fear, anxiety, loneliness, anger, frustration, or mania of any kind.
• The dog will smell every scent your body produces, and respond appropriately.
• The dog will feel every energy your brain produces, detect, alert, and perform as needed to help you!
• Because the dogs have strong top quality working dog lines, their instincts, and temperament are strong, focused, and very powerful, and their presence will stop and alert most people to back off, and leave you alone.
• The dogs have the capability to understand the energies in every person you meet, and the ability to buffer them, and keep you safe from those with negative or disruptive energies.
• Each dog is then individually taught the tasks needed to help their particular handler.

Dog Wish has communicated with numerous PHDs, Clinical Psychologists (Psy Ds), etc.,Bob Taylor who have agreed that the artificial medications and Pharmaceutical Drugs in use to “help” their patients can cause more problems that they assist in resolving, and leave their clients in “limbo”.

Dog Wish, on the other hand uses a natural energetically source of therapeutic, healing power, that helps each handler to heal and rebuild correct physiological brain development, with permanent results. Our goal is to produce correct functional behaviors, and maintain correct neurological responsiveness in the brain of each handler, through the work of each Psychiatric Service Dog we produce and place. We have documented the success of our dogs with people suffering with TBI, ADD, and the host of other disorders and disabilities attacking our clients.

For more specific information, and help in resolving your loved ones, just call Bob Taylor at 760-662-3767, or email us at

Why a Dog Wish Psychiatric Service Dog is SUPERIOR, by Bob Taylor


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In comparison to ANY OTHER School and organization in the field, Dog Wish produces a SUPERIOR Psychiatric Service Dog. There are several reasons for dogwishlogotransbkthis statement:
• Our dogs are trained to detect every smell in their handler’s body
• Our dogs are trained to detect every energy projected from the brain
• Our dogs are trained to intuit their handler’s needs and commands
• Our dogs are not just trained to do tasks, but BECOME the kind of dog that naturally does what our clients want.

New ADA Laws and Regulations
According to the ADA, effective on 03/15/2011, New ADA Service Animal Regulations were issued that were specific for people that need Psychiatric Service Dogs. Those new regulations state:
“§ 36.104 Definitions. Service animal means any dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability, including a physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual, or other mental disability… providing non-violent protection or rescue work…and helping persons with psychiatric and neurological disabilities by preventing or interrupting impulsive or destructive behaviors.”
A properly trained Psychiatric Service Animal is a dog trained to empower, enhance, and equip their handler, mentally and emotionally, to function and perform on a level they would be incapable of achieving on their own. These dogs are not there for emotional support, but have been mentally modified, and conditioned with advanced training, to detect, understand, and respond to the mental and emotional needs of their handlers. They perform critical ‘tasks’ that are necessary for the wellbeing and literally “life-saving “of their handlers.

A Psychiatric Service Dog is by necessity, because of the tasks and functions it performs, a working dog. The dog MUST have working dog instincts, temperament, and drives, and yet needs a balanced, soft disposition and demeanor, for it to work effectively with its’ handler.
There are several things that make a Dog Wish Psychiatric Service dog superior to other working dogs in the field.
1. Genetics are 90% of a good dog. Any top competitor knows that when it comes down to it, the dog with the best genetics WIN! In 1988 I was sitting in the stands at the World Schutzhund Championships, waiting for my turn to compete, and the Captain of the German came down and sat next to me. Instantly I knew there was something wrong. He then proposed a question to me that obviously was loaded.
“How about a contest between you and me. We will watch each dog as it comes on the Competition field, and before the dog reaches the judge (40 paces), each will tell the score of the dog (0 to 100) before it has a chance to compete. We can bet five dollars a dog.”
I agreed, and the man was sure he was going to walk away with his pockets full of my money. What I did was to match the confirmation and temperament of each dog coming on the field with a matching score, and took the bet, almost every time.

Years ago I created a comprehensive evaluation and analysis to graph the Instincts, Drives, Temperament, and Disposition of any dog. Before we select any dog as a Psychiatric Service Dog, we first evaluate the Dog comprehensively, and because of our evaluation have a 100% success ratio with the dogs we train. We have also developed a breeding program, from trained Psychiatric Service Dogs that we have evaluated, bred, and raised and trained ourselves. These dogs have superior genetics because many are third generation PSD’S.

Scent DiscriminationBOB N ZOEY

The ability of a Dog Wish Psychiatric Service Dog to smell the presence of chemicals produced by their handler’s body is invaluable. For 20 years now, Dog Wish has trained and placed Service Dogs for those suffering with neurological and physically related disabilities and disorders, caused by chemical and neuro disorders within the brains of our clients. Our clients are plagued with allergies, sensory issues, sensitivity to toxins, etc., that have caused critical neurological issues resulting in:

• Autism and Asperger’s
• Seizures, Strokes,
• Depression, Anxiety, Panic Disorders
• Hypertension, Bi-Polar, ADHD issues, etc.
• Allergies, reactions to Toxics, etc.,
• Traumatic Brain Injuries, Tumors, etc.

These physical disabilities are accompanied by specific smells from the chemicals created by the brain’s hypothalamus that our dogs can detect and respond to. Because this is so prevalent, and so casual in our clients, training our dogs for Detection, and Alert has become the major focus of our business.

Dog Wish purposely trains their Service Dogs to detect and alert prior to the incident. ZOEY TRACKING 1Our dogs are trained to smell every scent produced with and emanating from your body, and every energy being projected from your brain.

For instance, research by Judith Wurtman, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), has focused on how certain foods alter one’s mood by influencing the level of certain brain chemicals called neurotransmitters. Even though it is known that many other factors influence the level of these chemicals, such as hormones, heredity, drugs, and alcohol, three neurotransmitters—dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin—have been studied in relation to food, and this research has shown that neurotransmitters are produced in the brain from components of certain foods. Our dogs
are specifically trained to detect and alert to the smell of the chemicals produced by substances in their handler, and each dog is custom trained for their specific handler’s needs.
Earlier in his career Bob Taylor trained over 100 ground scent tracking dogs for National bob-herosand International competition, placing first place nationally, several times, with his self-trained German Shepherds.

A leading Neuro Scientist who was working with FEMA handling Disaster Dogs for the nation contacted me, and using my dogs and training, the late Doctor David Kelso, PHD, a Vice President of the American Red Cross and a Department Head for several Hospital Departments of Neural Surgery, was able to use my dogs to find:

• People stranded miles from town in 6 to 8 feet of snow, in -30% weather, lost and freezing. My dogs saved them before they were damaged. None of the other trained Police search dogs were able to even find their tracks.
• One person from a mental facility lost in a large hospital complex. The Police had searched for 8 hours before calling Dr. Kelso and couldn’t find the man. Dr. Kelso’s dog found him within minutes of arriving at the hospital.
• Four children kidnapped from different parts of America, in a house, just by walking down the street, a block away. The children were in a city Dr. Kelso had just arrived in to see his father. He was just taking the dogs’ for a walk when this happened. The dogs alerted to the energies and chemical smells of these kidnapped children in a private residence.

Dr. Kelso was diabetic and had seizures and the dogs detected his low blood sugar and the abnormal brain disorder each time he suffered an occurrence. Dr. Kelso documented their training and capabilities and used them in several states as Disaster, Police, and Service Dogs in hospitals.

*Assistance Dogs International recognized him, and his dog Casper was honored by them as the Top Service Dog in America, and by the Red Cross as the top Search and Rescue Dog in America. Dave gave all the credit to Dog Wish and my training. “I have trained at the top six schools for Police K9s and Search dogs in America, and have to admit that Bob Taylor’s Academy is by far the best I’ve found.” DR. DAVID KELSO, PHD. These dogs were no different from the dogs I am training for my clients, now, accept that I am able to do a more exact selection of each dog, to match each client more specifically, which makes all the difference for them.

Dog Wish trains K9s specifically to detect and alert to each client’s abnormal energy and body reaction activity before an actual seizure experience, often an hour or two before an occurrence. Dog Wish has also trained several dogs to detect the presence of toxics, food substances clients can be allergic to, and other disabling smells, and substances, and help their handler avoid them.


Dog Wish has been contacted several times now by families with air scent trained detection dogs that are being passed off fraudulently as Psychiatric Service dogs. Recently Dog Wish was contacted by a family that owns a dog trained at an Academy in the mid-west United States to detect peanuts, to keep their son who has critical allergies to peanuts safe from their toxicity. They purchased this dog as a Psychiatric Service dog for their son, and although the dog does detect peanuts, and is obedient, that’s it. The dog does not perform, nor is it capable of performing any tasks that a proper Psychiatric Service Dog should perform. It isn’t that kind of dog, and the uneducated staff at the Academy doesn’t even know the difference. There is a huge difference between a chemical detection K9 and a dog trained to be a Psychiatric Service Dog. There are several, critical factors involved in the training for a proper Psychiatric Service dog that are not present with a dog who is only trained to Detect and Alert you on a smell or substance.

This comprehensive science of advanced tracking and detection skills makes Dog Wish Psychiatric Service Dogs invaluable, and only a few facilities in America have the knowledge, background and experience to produce one of these dogs properly. Dog Wish uses expert knowledge of “ground scent” tracking, which is harder to teach, but much more comprehensive than “air scent” tracking methods.

Brain Wave Sensitivity
“Billions of brain cells interact with one another moment by moment through a network MATT N BOWSERof interconnecting cells.” The ability of the brain to fire neurologically in a regulated, correct manner is what processes information in a complete though form, from one cell in the brain to another. It is an intricate processes that requires proper function of the “Purkinge” axiom, fiber, and cells to work. Inflammation and poor conductivity can block the neuro synapse from processing data, and the brain will not function, as in the case of those disabled by Autism, Alzheimer’s Syndrome, Parkinson’s disease, Traumatic Brain Injury, etc.

Our species has determined that Alpha brainwaves are masculine, and Theta brainwaves are feminine, and we literally suppress the use of the right side of the brain as inferior. Instead we strongly condition our children, use the school systems, and demand left brain activity and responses. Our communication and our education are based on Alpha activity. Our views on Science and Religion, Politics, and Society are all left brained. Therefore, our ability to understand and use our right-brained activity is greatly restrained, under-developed, and socially restricted.
Dog Wish Technology is changing the field of Psychiatric Service Dogs.
Having been focused on this field of endeavor, through extensive work with the entire spectrum of those disabled with disabilities, I have developed set of highly evolved exercises. These exercises use a positive approach that teaches Service Dogs to:
• Use their left brain as well as their right,
• Expand their consciousness,
• And increase their ability to communicate with humans.
We have found a process that stimulates the “Purkinge Axiom”, (the extension of thesasha n duke 6 central nervous system, located in every cell in the brain). This process wakes up their conscious mind, and teaches them to receive and process communication dynamically with us on our level.
This isn’t that hard, as our brain is harder to stimulate, works slower than the dogs’ brain does, and is more clumsy in its’ ability to receive and store information than the dogs’ brain. Because we have altered the process the brain uses through our left brain activity, we have grown lazy through the development of artificial technology that makes life easier for us every day.
For our dogs, after our training, it is an easy task to understand what we think and desire. They very effectively pick up on our thoughts and desires, and within 3 months can receive and respond to commands and desires we project from our brains without having to be told. According to Dr. David Kelso, PhD, we have mastered the art of teaching them to be “Brainwave Sensitive”.
The Dog Wish Psychiatric Service Dog Program
• Since its’ inception Dog Wish has over 300 dogs in homes
• Dog Wish has over 100 pre-alert Seizure Dogs
• Dog Wish created the Dementia dog, Alzheimer’s Service dog program
• Dog Wish has become the Nation’s top PTSD & Anxiety dog supplier

For more information please call Bob at 760-662-3767, or email

Detection Service Dogs for Allergens, Toxics, & Medical Issues, by Bob Taylor


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Our Psychiatric Service Dogs come to the handler as high-tech detection and alert machines, providing twenty four hour security for their handlers, and other they come in contact with.

Having been certified by numerous Universities for their Neurological Post-Graduate Studies, Dog Wish has, since 1998, become more and more fascinated with the brain, and it’s production, or lack of production, of chemicals and electro-sensory work with the body of each client we train one of dogs to work for.

The Neuro Predicament

“…there are over 100 billion neurons available to facilitate thought. Imagine then what a damaged brain must go through just to think properly.”

“Did you know that there are over 14,000 man-made chemicals added to our food supply in our country alone? These additives are not meant to be part of our natural nutrition. The sad thing is that our children are the ones that suffer the most because they are exposed to these substances from an early age. Our bodies were not meant to be exposed to the amount of chemicals and food additives that are being added to our diets. And one of the truly scary things is that scientist have no idea the synergistic effect of all these chemicals. Studies are just starting to focus on our chemical “Body Burden.” That is, the total accumulated chemicals in our body.

Research by Judith Wurtman, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), has focused on how certain foods alter one’s mood by influencing the level of certain brain chemicals called neurotransmitters. Even though it is known that many other factors influence the level of these chemicals, such as hormones, heredity, drugs, and alcohol, three neurotransmitters—dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin—have been studied in relation to food, and this research has shown that neurotransmitters are produced in the brain from components of certain foods.

“Billions of brain cells interact with one another moment by moment through a network of interconnecting cells.”

Our Response to the need

For 20 years now, Dog Wish has trained and placed Service Dogs for those BESS N FRIENDSsuffering with neurological and physically related disabilities and disorders, caused by chemical and neuro disorders within the brains and bodies of our clients. Our clients are plagued with allergies, sensory issues, sensitivity to toxins, etc., that have caused critical neurological issues resulting in:

• Autism and Asperger’s
• Seizures, Strokes,
• Depression, Anxiety, Panic Disorders
• Hypertensive, Bi-Polar, ADHD issues, etc.

Because this is so prevalent, and so causual in our clients, training our dogs for Detection, and Alert has become the major focus of our business.

Dog Wish purposely trains their Service Dogs to detect and alert prior to the incident. Our dogs are trained to smell every scent produced with and emanating from your body, and every smell being projected from your brain.

According to the late Dr. David Kelso, (a leading Neuro-Scientist, Doctor, and Legal Advocate,“the Director and Administrator of Several Mental Health Facilities, and Neurosurgery Departments for several leading Hospitals), “Dog Wish dogs are also trained to “tune in” and be sensitive to every energy produced by your brain. They are “Brain-wave Sensitive”.” David Kelso-June, 2006.

The ability of a dog to detect and alert to neurological and physical abnormalities and disorders in their handler is the most important, sought after, and valuable CODYNBAILEY2benefit that a dog could ever provide for you. “Fluffy” alerts daily when her handler is having trouble breathing, going into seizure mode, beginning the process to have a melt down, or doing something that may bring him harm. “Rocko” responds when Kevin is having a neurological disturbance, whether he is standing next to him, or 50 miles away from him. “Bobby” watches and responds the instant Zachary’s hypothalamus begins a meltdown scenario. A primary concern and function of our Dog Wish business is now training dogs for those with Dementia and Alzheimer’s Syndrome, and our dogs are trained to tune in, in hyper vigilant concern, to their handlers, to insure their safety, at all times.


Recently Dog Wish was contacted by a family that owns a dog trained at an Academy in the mid-west United States to detect peanuts, to keep their son who has critical allergies to peanuts safe from their toxicity. They purchased this dog as a Psychiatric Service dog for their son, and although the dog does detect peanuts, and is obedient, that’s it. The dog does not perform, nor is it capable of performing any tasks that a proper Psychiatric Service Dog should perform. It isn’t that kind of dog, and the uneducated staff at the Academy doesn’t even know the difference. There is a huge difference between a chemical detection K9 and a dog trained to be a Psychiatric Service Dog. There are several, critical factors involved in training a proper Psychiatric Service dog that are not present with a dog who is only trained to Detect and Alert you on a smell or substance.

A Short History of Mt /detection Dog Experiencebob-heros
As a mufti-National Champion and World Champion Competitor, years ago I learned how to train Police K9s to detect substances, and actual criminals, using the Science of Police K-9 Detection. Using my knowledge of scent discrimination, I have been able to produce dogs that could detect and react to specific smells, alerting their handlers to dangers they were unaware of, and who are capable of following scent trails to search those smells out. *In National competition, I placed with the highest scores among all other competitors in America for 7 years.

After learning how to focus my dogs in on normal and abnormal energies in people, I also found that my dogs could detect the presence and electro-magnetic energy of a criminal, before they had the opportunity to commit their crime! The dogs learned to detect the intentions that a person had by focusing on their energy and responding accordingly, on a very high level. I used these dogs with Police, in public businesses, and private homes to alert to the presence of criminals, and saved their owners thousands of dollars in theft, and from battery, rape, and home invasion. I have also trained dogs to guard Islands in the Caribbean, and found that my dogs could detect a criminal presence that came on the Island and stop them, often before they came ashore.

In the early 2000s, I used that knowledge to train dogs for Search and Rescue to quicklysasha n duke 6 and effectively find children with developmental disabilities that had “eloped” (escaped from their homes or families). I combined this training with a new type of detection based on my knowledge of Police K9 training, and taught my dogs to become sensitive to the electro-magnetic energies produced by the brain that it would project out, and corresponding chemicals that their bodies would produce. Combining these sciences, I was able to produce dogs for Search & Rescue that would detect the presence of lost people by their smell AND their energies.

A leading Neuro-Scientist who was working with FEMA handling Disaster Dogs for the nation contacted me, and using my dogs and training, the late Doctor David Kelso, PHD, a Vice President of the American Red Cross, a Direcotr for several Mental Health facilities, and a Department Head for several Hospital Departments of Neural Surgery, was able to use my dogs to find:

• People stranded miles from town in 6 to 8 feet of snow, lost and freezing. My dogs saved them before they were damaged. None of the other trained Police search dogs were able to even find their tracks.
• One person from a mental facility lost in a large hospital complex. The Police had searched for 8 hours before calling Dr. Kelso and couldn’t find the man. Dr. Kelso’s dog found him within minutes of arriving at the hospital.
• Four children kidnapped from different parts of America, in a house, just by walking down the street, a block away. The children were in a city Dr. Kelso had just arrived in to see his father. He was just taking the dogs’ for a walk when this happened. The dogs alerted to the energies and chemical smells of these kidnapped children in a private residence.  Dr. Kelso was on call for Hospitals and Police Departments in several States, in Western United States.

Dr. Kelso was diabetic and had seizures and the dogs detected his low blood sugar and the abnormal brain disorder each time before he suffered an occurrence. Dr. Kelso documented their training and capabilities and used them in several states as Disaster, Police, and Service Dogs in hospitals.

*Assistance Dogs International recognized him, and his dog Casper was honored by them as the Top Service Dog in America, and by the Red Cross as the top Search and Rescue Dog in America. Dave gave all the credit to Dog Wish and my training. “I have trained at the top six schools for Police K9s and Search dogs in America, and have to admit that Bob Taylor’s Academy is by far the best I’ve found.” DR. DAVID KELSO, PHD. These dogs were no different from the dogs I am training for my clients, now, accept that I am able to do a more exact selection of each dog, to match each client more specifically, which makes all the difference for them.

Dog Wish trains K9s specifically to detect and alert to each client’s abnormal energy and body reaction activity before an actual experience, often an hour or two before an occurrence.

This gives the recipient time to seek medical attention and potentially resolve the situation before it occurs. It is excellent for times when the handler is sleeping and unaware of their potential dangers. In doing so I use scented clothing articles from their future recipient in tracking, detection, and general work with the client.

• Our clients actually claim that the amount and severity of their problems have greatly diminished, and in some cases resolved, since receiving and handling our K9s.
• They have been able to cut down or stop using many of their medications.
• They have become much more function able, and many have been able to resume their lives and independence.

Dogs see through their noses, not their eyes.

Dogs use their eyes as a radar, to detect movement, and sight in the object of their THE COWBOYsearch. They then switch to their nose to supply them with all the particulars. So, in learning to search out scented articles from their future handler, the dogs learn up to 100 particular, important details about that person at the same time.

Having been involved in the study of canine behavior for some forty years now with both domestic and wild dogs, locally, nationally, and internationally, I have been able to comprehend and inductively compile an understanding of how the canine brain receives, processes, and responds. This gives my dogs a much more comprehensive focus and ability to respond to my clients with a sensitive accuracy that is paramount and critical for the work I do.

The dogs’ comprehensive ability to detect, understand, and alert to chemical smells and abnormal fields of electro-magnetic energy is far superior to ours (50 to 100 times). It is one of the attributes I have used to create a far superior Service Dog for my clients. I use it to train my dogs in the fields of:

• Search and Rescue
• Toxic Detection, Alert, and Avoidance
• Pre-Seizure Detection and Alert
• Diabetic Low Blood level Detection and Alert
• Allergenic smells in people, objects, and environments
• Detect oncoming melt down disorders in the mind of an affected person
• Detect abnormal and potentially dangerous energies coming from a person with         neurological disabilities
• Detect incorrect thought patterns and intentions
• Detect harmful chemical imbalances

A Service Dog needs to be capable of walking into a room, feeling the energies, smelling the smells, detecting the needs of those present, understanding what to do, and responding correctly for each person.  Among the many benefits a Dog Wish Service Dog brings, these are the most fundamental and necessary.

The ability to Detect

This ability is the foundation for being a good Psychiatric Service Dog, and the most MATT N BOWSERimportant part of the process. Being able to smell what is going on in the brain and body of a handler makes these dogs invaluable. However, a “Master” tracking dog specialist must train them to do this. The capability to take the dogs’ raw natural abilities, and to then teach them how to focus them specifically on the body of the handler (or those around them) is imperative. Simple tracking training is by far not enough to make a dog capable of the critical work they must be trained to do.

Also, the ability to detect abnormal energies projected out from the brain of the handler or others around them is imperative. As a dog can be trained to go to a pile of gloves for an AKC trial and pick only that glove belonging to its’ owner, so a dog can be trained to smell and feel the accompanying energies that person is producing and projecting out around them. The body and the brain will work together to present a picture to the dog that they can comprehensively detect, understand, and respond to in a highly accurate fashion.

This ability also gives the dogs a capability to respond with passive protectiveness for their handler, on a level above that used by most Law Enforcement Departments and Agencies worldwide. This past year, I was retained to train a complete group of K9s being used to protect an elite private community whose demands were paramount. The dogs were all trained to do executive high tech Police work without ever touching a suspect. They could patrol, search, Detect, find, stop, guard, and transport a suspect without ever leaving a mark on them. They also, on command, could stop anyone, no matter what, intelligently and safely. Using my special techniques, my dogs provide superior performance and unmatched quality in their work. This is what the word “Dog Wish” has come to mean for hundreds of happy clients.

I have learned how to produce an uncanny ability and desire in a dog to stop, become SOC 2sensitive to, and focus on their handler. It is the most important thing a dog can do. My dogs get to the point in training where, when their furure handler is having a problem, living in a State up to 3,000 miles away, it affects the dogs. I have to call and speak with the parents of, or person involved, and find out if the problem they are presently having is the same as that indicated by their dog in training, all the time.  As a result, Dog Wish Service Dogs have:

• Gone through windows and broken down doors to get to their handlers when they are in danger or are having seizures.
• Have responded to their handlers when they are several miles away from them and the handler has an unusual neurological event.
• Have responded by barking, running in circles, and pulling the blankets off of family members when their handler is going to have neurological problems.
• Have physically stopped their handlers and pushed them into chairs before neurological events.

We train each dog with articles pre-scented by their handlers, which the dogs can search and find anywhere. We wear scented articles from their handlers. The dogs sleep on scented articles to get use to their new handler’s smell. When they meet, the dogs instantly bond and stay with their handlers because they already have been trained to know and respond to their smell. The emotional conditioning exercises we use with each dog insure our success.

This is a life and death effort that Dog Wish takes very seriously. No one should purchase a pre-seizure alert dog before conscientiously checking out the trainer, the dog, and making sure the dog will do the job for you. At Dog Wish we make sure of the details, and do this for you.

Bob Taylor, President
The Dog Wish, Inc.



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Dog Wish Dementia Psychiatric Service Dog, named “Sam”.

Aging Care.Com
Joe Buckheit, Founder and President

Living in the same community as my parents and grandparents, as well as my wife’s parents and grandparents, has been a blessing. The experiences and stories that are shared with my children around the dinner table are priceless. With the passing of time, those conversations have changed. Aging has taken its toll on my family. At a 2008 family gathering, a conversation between my mother and mother-in-law turned to the reality that they were both transitioning into caregiving roles for their parents.

It was clear to both of them that things would get more stressful as their aging parent’s health began to deteriorate. They each shared that as their parent became more and more dependent on them for care, they were increasingly in need of answers and support. Sharing their experiences with each other was not only informative, but also very comforting.

It is from this exchange that was born.

Canine Caregivers Change the Lives of Alzheimer’s Sufferers

Rick Phelps was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease over two years ago, at BOBNRICKthe age of 57. About eight months ago, an unexpected caregiver came into his life that changed his world completely.

“Sam’s done more for me than any medication could ever do,” says Rick Phelps, who was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease over two years ago, at the age of 57. “He’s taken me from a twelve [out of ten] on the anxiety and stress scale, down to a two or three.”

No, Phelps isn’t referring to some world-renowned dementia specialist—in fact, the creature he’s describing doesn’t even walk on two legs.

He’s talking about Sam, a spry one-year-old German Shepard who is part of a new breed of service dog trained to help people suffering from mild to mid-stage Alzheimer’s disease.

Prior to his introduction to his canine caregiver, Phelps couldn’t even go shopping at the local Walmart for fear he would get lost and not know which door to use to get out of the store. Now, with Sam at his side, Phelps feels more comfortable embarking on outings.
A vigilant protector

It took a while for Phelps to acclimate to his companion’s constant attention to what he’s doing and where he’s going.

After only having Sam for a few days, Phelps forgot something out in his car and moved towards the door to go outside and get it. The dog calmly positioned himself in between Phelps and the door, blocking his exit. “It’s like he was a layer between me and the outside—he wouldn’t let me out the door without him,” Phelps says.

To Phelps, it’s as if the dog is paying 100 percent attention to him, and he’s not far off. The training facility he got Sam from—Dog Wish, Inc.—coaches their service dogs to give 95 percent of their attention to their handler. The other five percent is devoted to making sure their surroundings are safe.

Alzheimer’s service dogs can be trained to assist their cognitively-impaired handlers with a variety of daily tasks, from alerting them when a stove is left on or an appliance plugged in, to helping them identify their car in a crowded parking lot, or their house if they get lost on a walk. These protective pooches are also conditioned to home in on their owner’s scent (Phelps had to send a trainer some of his old clothes so Sam could get used to his scent), enabling them to track an Alzheimer’s wanderer for miles.

One good deed leads to another

The chain of events that led Phelps to Bob Taylor, the founder of, a charity bookcover2that trains and sponsors service dogs for people with disabilities, was nothing short of serendipitous.

As a former law enforcement officer and emergency medical technician, Phelps was used to being active and helping people. But an early-onset Alzheimer’s diagnosis meant that he had to quit his job much sooner than he planned on.

No longer being able to assist people in his neighborhood frustrated Phelps, until he realized that his diagnosis had inducted him into a whole new community of people in need: Alzheimer’s sufferers and their caregivers.

Phelps created Memory People, a Facebook-based support and awareness group for people dealing with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

A few months after he launched the group, a caregiver posted a question about how to find dementia service dogs. Having never heard of such a thing, Phelps did some research to help the woman with her query. He contacted Taylor to find out more information.

After passing along what he learned, Phelps didn’t think much more about the SAM22issue—until Taylor called him back a few hours later.

“He asked me if my wife was on board with me getting a dementia service dog—I was shocked,” he says. The idea of a canine companion had appealed to Phelps, but the price tag for the specially-trained pooches did not.

It turned out that a sponsor had donated the money necessary to unite Phelps with his furry friend. “It’s hard to thank someone who changes your life like that,” he says of the unnamed donor.

A powerful (and playful) puppy

Sam seems to truly enjoy his role as canine caregiver.

Phelps is constantly awed by the various ways Sam helps him with everyday tasks. “He’s so good, it almost makes me sick,” he says. For instance, if Phelps goes to bed without putting on his Exelon patch, the dog will come over and lick the spot where the patch is supposed to go.

Sam is still a puppy at heart though. When Phelps takes off the dog’s working vest, all he wants to do is play. The playful pooch is also a critical source of companionship during the day while Phelps’ wife, Phyllis is out working.

Sam has given Phelps the opportunity to lead an engaged and fulfilling life in spite of his disease, and he didn’t even know that service dogs for people with Alzheimer’s disease existed until he was contacted by that caregiver.

That’s why, when Phelps travels around the country conducting seminars and advocating for Alzheimer’s awareness, he brings Sam with him whenever he can. He wants to spread the word about the powerful impact these dogs can have.

Phelps believes everything happens for a reason and he is well aware of the vital role Psychiatric Service Dogthat Sam has played in helping him cope with an ailment that devastates so many families. “He’s not going to cure my disease, but he has certainly changed how I live my day-to-day life,” he says.

Anne-Marie Botek

Sam was found running wild in the desert near Palmdale California. His original owner felt he was a good dog, but he was too wild and stubborn to fit in to her home, so she put him on Craig’s List, and we answered her call.

After a 2 ½ hour drive we pulled into her driveway, and saw Sam. From the first moment, I know he was the dog for Rick. We took him out the first day to a restaurant, took pics, called and sent them, and from that day on he was the dog.

Training Sam was special, because at that time my daughter Amanda was with me, and we trained him together. Her special love and her superior training made Sam a truly great Service Dog, and we will always treasure the time he was with us.

Being able to place Sam with Rick was a special treat for us. Since then we have placed over 50 such dogs into home with clients disabled with Dementia, and each dog is a blessing.

If you are interested or need a Dog Wish Psychiatric Service Dog call us at bobnsheps760-662-3767, or email me at


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